New Bike Rack And Lockers In Plymouth?

Standing in front of a new bike rack and bike lockers, exposing my breasts.

When I met SWL in Plymouth I parked up in my usual car park. Coming down the stairs I saw a new bike rack and lockers where once only cross hatches had been. Imagine my shock at the change in just a few short weeks. In fact, I was so surprised to see them that I couldn’t help my top flying up, exposing my breasts!

We’d planned to meet for lunch, and bag the cannons for my Scavenger Hunt.

As we drank coffee after meeting her off the bus I mentioned the lockers. We’d discussed the location of a bike rack often, but I wanted to be exposed next to a rack of TFL cycles. My birthday trip to the capital has been delayed, but that’s ok. I was even more excited to see a local council taking steps to encourage cycle usage in a local city. Not being a fan of bikes at all, I thought SWL would just be pleased to get this location out of the way!

It was a fun day.

We finished our coffee, walked back to the car park for the picture here. Then off to find the cannons on our walk towards lunch at Cap’n Jaspers. Then, while eating, we decided to head towards the Marina, try our luck there. Of course, being in the area it seemed only polite to try and get the Plymouth Gin Distillery. However, we were thwarted in our efforts by many, many, many CCTV cameras. Or there were people working behind windows facing the one or two spots not covered by cameras. Never mind, we all need a little challenge, a goal to work towards. And after ticking off cannons I think that the distillery will be the next difficult find that we work towards.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Boob Day

I hope you’ve enjoyed the New Bike Rack And Lockers in Plymouth? Click the buttons above to see what everyone else is up to this week. While looking through the other offerings for Bike Rack/Shed location I found Modesty. She was having an amazing time on the hire-able cycles up in London. Go and see her getting up to all sorts of mischief in Modesty’s Bikes.

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