Centred In Ropes

Centred in rope, with the rope centred on me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in Self-Tie Tuesday on Fetlife. Having been taking part since 2017 it is clearly one of my favourite memes where I can tie me up. This week the prompt – “Centred” – caught my attention, and imagination.


1.Being at or placed in the centre.
2.Having a specified centre. Often used in combination.
3.Self-confident, stable, and well-balanced.

Surprisingly, perhaps, given my oft haphazard approach, I wanted the ropes centred on my body. I also wanted to compress myself, and I wanted to include my hair.

Sitting in the middle of my bed, I started with an Agura. A tie that 1001011 introduced me to almost two years ago. He used a single rope Agura, suspended me, my first inversion. I felt fierce and calm, powerful and relaxed.

Perhaps it goes without saying that I wasn’t going to invert myself, not solo and spotter free. Nor would I at the moment, with my pesty shoulder, even if I did have a spotter! But suspension isn’t the be all and end all of rope. I could connect the rope around my chest, pull my body down tight, incrementally increase the compression as I folded forward, wound the rope around the centre stem. The delicious ache of tension and stretch spurring me on to keep trying with my hair. My mop being slippery, stubborn and uncooperative!

Fortunately I’d set the camera up just right, and the voice activated shutter worked! Capturing some fun moments of self-tying, and the end product. While my hair continued to brat me by consistently falling to one side, the rest of me is (almost) symmetrical. Glorious! My beautifully squidged breasts matching each other around the central stem of my self inflicted restriction. They also held the chest rope in place. The ever tightening stem centred at my cleavage thanks to their hard work.

So, it started out as an effort to create a self tie with (2) the rope centred, creating symmetry. It then became evident I was (1) centred on my bed. And surprisingly, in spite of my wobbles around my breasts of late, as a result of other work along with this tie, I’m feeling more (3) stable and balanced in my relationship with them. So it’s a triple whammy for hitting the brief for a tie fitting the brief of “centred”.

Boobday Button

Not only am I feeling very Mmmmmmm thanks to some tight, restrictive self-bondage, I’m also finding something that my breasts can “do”. Today I’m celebrating my beautiful, soft boobs and thanking them for supporting the chest rope. How are you celebrating yours?

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