Five In One Masturbator: A Guest Review

The five in one masturbator being used by CC on the boy.
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Recently Bestvibe sent me a couple of masturbators to review. As I don’t have a penis, either of my own or for regular use, I sent them along to CC for testing on the Boy. The first one was the Climer Deep Throat Masturbator, the second one is the Bestvibe Five In One automatic knob adjusting masturbator. As soon as she received it I could sense her excitement, more-so than the previous toy, and waited eagerly for her fair and honest guest review. And here it is so without further ado I’ll hand you over to CC.

First impressions out of the box.

This item is well packaged, in a simple plain box. Inside are foam inserts to hold the item still and safe. On taking it out of the box it looks cool and feels slick, there are no bits falling off. In the bottom of the box were the instructions and a set of earphones .

It felt well balanced in my hands but a little weighty, coming in at approximately 830gs. I found myself giggling at the “knob adjusting” name. In this case it is  literally a knob that adjusts the movement. But the play on words was a delight, even if accidental. My inner Geek instantly saw a dark Minion. With a hint of “are you my mummy?” Whovian.

A few words in the instructions have me intrigued.

  • Smart functions.
  • Telescoping. ( 10 thrusting patterns. The inner sleeve part moves in and out)
  • Vibration. ( 10 vibrating patterns from gentle to intense)
  • Suction ( 4 gradually increasing suctions)Heating ( will warm the inside sleeve to 40c)
  • One button spurt. (this adds vibration to the suction mode, for climax)
  • Moan audio ???

I looked on the website, at the product page for the five in one masturbator, but at that time I couldn’t see any mention. So I emailed customer support. And they came back to me with the following…

Hi there,

Sorry for bringing the inconvenience to you. We found that you can plug in the earphones to hear the moan when playing. Warmest regards

Bestvibe UK

Charging is a simple jack charging cable powered by a USB.

I put it on charge for the recommended 2 hours and waited.

Once charged I was intrigued to feel how much suction it had. I whipped out the only appendage I could think of and tried it on my nipple, pressing the suction button once was a gentle pull. Twice sucked more of my breast in. Third push. Oh my! A very delightful pull. Sucking my nipple and areola inside and holding it there for a few seconds. Rather like milking.

Then I thought, this moan audio, what is it? 

Plugging in the set of headphones, I nearly dropped the toy in surprise. Suddenly there is this voice moaning and saying supposedly sexy things. “Oh yes baby“, um “please baby” and so on. A real voice not a computerized one.

I was looking forward to using this one.

And my opportunity would arise in a couple of days when the boy was down for a visit.

The actual session.

My ever helpful assistant was spread eagle on the bed. Cuffs and chains holding his body helpless after a 2 hour roped bondage session.

I began my fun. As is standard in our sessions it began with slow edging and torment, lots of over stimulation. During this part I grabbed the 5 in 1 knob adjusting masturbator. Adding a few squirts of water-based lube I slide the device down over his cock. The inner rippled sleeve eliciting a delightful moan from my boy.

The first thing I noticed during my play with this toy, is that even with slippery lubricated hands I could hold it. It does have some weight, but is manageable with one hand.

The suction button is a simple press to activate and each press takes it up a step. Four increasingly powerful suction modes, then hold it down for “climax “ mode, where vibrations are added to the suction. What I liked is holding the knob adjusting button and it all stopped. Perfect for edging.

The vibration button has a pattern of 10 vibrations and If you double click quickly it heats up to a bodyheat of 40 c.

The knob adjusting part, when turned, gives you a “thrusting” move. I honestly didn’t use this function. So I can’t comment on it.

The suction and the vibration worked amazingly for my play. It made the orgasm I eventually allowed him to be intense and over stimulating as is the way we play.

Cleaning up after the boys orgasm.

It was easy to clean out, the sleeve turned inside out. Once washed with warm water and anti-bac cleaner I then left it to dry. For ease of replacing the inner sleeve just locate the hole in the inner sleeve over the protruding point inside and push gently until it is seated about all the way in with the first ridge inside. Then put the suction part on and it will pull the sleeve in perfectly for you.

Overall thoughts on the Five In One Masturbator.

I love this new toy! I have plans to mount it on a sex seat I own, so it can act like a milker. Also, I’ve a cuff that is missing its companion so I intend to use this to make a cradle of some kind.

I love the ability of this one to just keep sucking without having to hold a button on. And with a 60 minute run time I’m sure the boy will grow to hate and love it with equal measure. It will be a permanent fixture in my sessions.

Thank you Barefoot and Bestvibe for letting me use this toy in exchange of an honest and fair review.

Thank you so much to CC and the boy for testing out this product for me. You can find them on twitter, and they can also be spotted on Only Fans and Clips4Sale. And if you’re really lucky you might see the boy being tormented by the five in one masturbator.

If you’d like one of your own head over to Bestvibe UK where you can purchase one for £86.99. Use the code BAREFOOT and you can also get a triangle cock ring for free.

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