lingering in lingerie the barefoot sub shows off her new bra.

Lingering In Lingerie

lingering in lingerie the barefoot sub shows off her new bra.
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Finally I’ve found underwear that works, and I mean REALLY works for my body. So much so that I often feel like lingering in this lingerie for longer than is absolutely necessary. Like when I got home from my night out last Friday, peeling off my sheer body suit and catching sight of the soft fabric in the warm glow of my bedside lamp.

This is the second set I’ve bought in this design.

The first one I wore out, in a similar fashion, shortly before Christmas. Both events were vanilla gigs. Both nights were spent dancing in a crowd of strangers. Neither night was I wearing clothes ideally suited to a vanilla gig where I’d spend the best part of the evening on the dance floor. But this woman felt happy to attend both in her vanilla-kink hybrid outfits. I felt safe strutting my stuff amongst the sweaty, roiling mass of bodies. My kinky nature was there for all to see, but they didn’t spot it. Which was a joy in itself. As I’ve mentioned before – I have a love for hiding in plain sight.

I wonder. Can that works both ways?

I’m often seen as the confident one at kink events. While I know I am confident in my kinks I think I might be slightly uncertain of my softer side. It’s true, the darker my kinks get the more I like the gentler touch. Perhaps the more confident I am in my kinks the more I can start to feel, and show, my vulnerabilities.

Showing up to a vanilla event in my vanilla-est of kinky gear gave me strength. Wearing, and displaying, my softest, prettiest lingerie lingering beneath the flimsy yet fierce exterior showed a more vulnerable side. This is a big change for me.

And so I’ll get back to my self-set task for February Photo Fest.

Spotting the invisible things I like about myself, finding the hidden beauty. With that in mind, I can’t not choose my latest discovery of a soft interior.

Boob Day
February Photo Fest 2023

Thank you for joining me for February PhotoFest 2023. This is my fourth time joining the month long celebration of erotic and sensual photography. If you’re enjoying it please do go and check out the previous years: 2019 was an incomplete month. I skipped 2020 due to not blogging at the time but 2021 was a joy to plan and complete, in spite of lockdowns. 2022 was a little more relaxed behind the scenes, but jam packed with pictures and memories I love.

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