Submarine Spotting With Dr Lovelace

Passing the submarine museum I was photographed exposing my breasts across the marina from HMS Alliance.

Last October I finally had the opportunity to spend a few days away with my good friend Dr Lovelace. It was lovely to spend time with her, just us. She is always a welcome addition to our home, the boys love her coming to stay, but to have no restrictions on our conversations was long overdue. It also changed the nature of the pictures we took while out and about. Like when we were running past this marina near Gosport. I know, I know… I’ve already scavenged the Marina for the hunt. But don’t worry, I’m not doubling up. You just need to look a little closer is all. Can you see the submarine?

I couldn’t see it for ages!

We had both wanted to go for a run, and she knows I like to add to my tally of locations, so when she surprised me with a drive to the coast followed by a trot past the Submarine Museum I knew what her plan was. Timing the traffic was tricky. This appears to be quite a busy bridge I am standing on, with cars waiting at the lights at either end.

I love that the submarine is hidden in plain sight. She told me where to look, pointed and described what I was looking for. But it took me an age to see it.

Thinking about my theme for February Photofest this is something I like about me too.

I am able to hide my kinky self in plain sight, if you know me and I’ve shown you that side of me then you’ll know it’s there. But I also manage to fly under the radar for the most part. I can be my most authentic self without causing shock and alarm among my most vanilla of friends.

Never in my life have I compared myself to a submarine.

I may not be a hulking great mass of metal weighing in at 1360 tonnes, and though I would give a cracking effort housing 63 sailors may be a little beyond me. But each and every time I look at this picture I have to search harder than I should for the location at the back. And this makes me smile. Not just because I’m a little bit silly for repeatedly forgetting that there is a ma-hoo-sive submarine in the photo, but because I am a little like it too.

Hiding in plain sight, much like a metal tin can measuring almost 86 metres, is quite freeing. I whole heartedly recommend it.

The revelations theme this week is Hide, which I realise this post works for too.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

February Photo Fest 2023

Thank you for joining me for February PhotoFest 2023. This is my fourth time joining the month long celebration of erotic and sensual photography. If you’re enjoying it please do go and check out the previous years: 2019 was an incomplete month. I skipped 2020 due to not blogging at the time but 2021 was a joy to plan and complete, in spite of lockdowns. 2022 was a little more relaxed behind the scenes, but jam packed with pictures and memories I love.


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