cannon fodder header image shows me exposing my breasts between two cannons pointing out over the water.

Cannons: Bagging This Tricky Location

cannon fodder header image shows me exposing  my breasts between two cannons pointing out over the water.

Lets get one thing straight, shall we. Cannons are really hard to capture on camera. Why? Because they are, seemingly without exception, strategically placed to defend coastal areas in cities. At least when it comes to all of the ones I’ve found. Except two which are placed in the middle of a busy local town, under the clocktower which is not only the focal point for the town but overlooked by flats and shops.

SWL and I had been looking for cannons when we found the Fountain in the park.

The cannons near there were barely recognisable as such, having been half buried and turned into street bollards or flower displays. But a more recent trip to Plymouth has brought an exciting addition to my Scavenger Hunt. But only just. These match my expectations for the stereotypical cannon.

Their location being somewhat of a problem for this ethical exhibitionist.

There was rarely a pause between the passers-by, enjoying their casual stroll in the autumn sunshine. And then there was the steady flow of traffic; tourists looking out to sea, delivery vans hunting for their address, cyclists descending the path over the road… And as if that wasn’t busy enough there was also the cafe behind me. There sat a group of adults enjoying lunch in the sunshine, with just a low wall (and me) giving shelter from the keen breeze.

Fortunately, I had my trusty friend with me again. SWL, camera in hand, waited patiently for me to give the all-clear. The bright sunshine both illuminating and hiding me. The dazzlingly bright light simultaneously illuminating the lily white curves of my exposed flesh, while turning the rest of me into a silhouette. This image was the best one for seeing my breasts clearly, without too much back light. As always SWL snapped away, as I flapped my layers up and down according to the human traffic.

All the while the cannons remained impressive, impassive and impartial.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Boob Day

Cannons: Bagging This Tricky Location highlights (for me) the challenges faced by Naughty Scavenger Hunters. Reinforcing my finding last week that it really is all about the timing!


  1. Oh how funny, a second cannon image in a row! I found some beautiful cannons recently on a trip away and guess what, crowds and crowds of people wherever I turned. One day I will find that elusive secluded cannon. Well done you!

  2. Ha! We were on the same wavelength Scavenger Hunt-wise! Lovely location, yours – wish I could have been overlooking the sea or a river or somewhere. We’ll done!

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