Elust 154: October Came Round Fast!

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This seems to come around quicker every month, possibly not helped by the fact I was a little late sharing September’s digest. However, here is Elust 154, the October 2022 collection of sexy, steamy posts, as chosen by us- the writers!

Everyone with a post included here in Elust 154 now has a chance to win the top spot in Elust 155 and a gift voucher of your choice to buy something sexy. The voucher will be for £50 GBP or whatever that converts to in your currency. Choose any voucher from a reputable site that has gift vouchers I can buy and send by email.

Welcome to Elust 154

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Without further ado, here are the posts for Elust 154

Erotic Fiction

Moon Feather: Part 56: A Well-Earned Reputation Will Joey never learn! Perhaps Everett has found the right means to teach her?

Christina & John Will John get his orgasm? And will Christina get the fucking she craves?

Bedroom Eyes 12 Adding a third to any dynamic is tricky but does Jaime get the answer to his question about Stephanie: “what was she to us, and what were we to her?”

Servicing Her Mistress Emily’s service takes an unexpected turn when her Mistress introduces a new piece of equipment.

Quickies: Competition (A Breeding Story) What happens when your plans to get pregnant take longer than you’d hoped? This couple had an idea and set about making it reality.

Product reviews

The 6 Best Vibrators Out There, Whichever Buzz You’re After Bedbible always has great information. If you’re unsure what toy to invest in next, take a look at this post.

Post Orgasm Rigor Mortis This is my post, a review on a sex toy that blew my mind- quite literally!

Triple Teaser Vibrator – Review I’m a big fan of the Witch of The Wands and, as ever, they have given me a new addition for my wishlist.

TOY TEST – Leyuto Electroshock Anal Vibrator Butt Plug If you’re looking for a way to scale your vibrations Morgan Destera may be able to help. This toy has eight vibrations “ranging in “is this thing on” to “holy crap that hurts!”

LELO Smart Wand 2 Large wand vibrator review It is always disappointing when a much-anticipated sex toy doesn’t quite deliver what we’d hoped. SuperSmashCache is, as always, fair, honest and balanced in their assessment of the Lelo Smart Wand 2

Erotic Non Fiction

BOP IT! Mistress Victory may well be a Femdom hero of mine. I love the way she toys with her subs.

In the pink MPB has been so busy over the summer, getting married, honeymooning and working to name but a few of her commitments. It’s great to see her back and relaxing with her Master.

Tease Jade’s had her appetite whet, in more ways than one.

Sex Work

Tutti Frutti, Threesome with a Sexy Young Couple What a privilege for Oz to be part of M and Ls first MFM.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

A CBT game for Male Genitals You never know where this amazing world of kink will take you. This game really does make me wonder if one day I’ll end up with a male submissive for my entertainment.

Chemical Torture in BDSM – How and Why to Begin Really great to read another masochistic submissive’s view on this kind of play. I love it for solo play especially, as it’s more intense than I can inflict with impact.

Writing about writing

Adventures in Writing: Why you Need to Separate Professional & Personal Great advice from Mischa Eliot. This months MUST READ from me. (If you have a kinky online presence, writing or just perusing the filth)

Books and Movies

Preaching to the Perverted (1997):The Celluloid Dungeon I’ve been trying to find films to watch before I’m forty and I reckon this one needs adding to that list.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

6 Wild Pieces of Erotic Art in History Some great erotic art finds from history for stoking your fires.

Elust Sex Blogs

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