chief troublemaker in a black, sparkly body stocking, which is cut very low at the front. Nipple peeking through the sheer fabric.

Chief Troublemaker Goes Solo

chief troublemaker in  a black, sparkly body stocking, which is cut very low at the front. Nipple peeking through the sheer fabric.

Being chief troublemaker for myself and others comes with its own challenges. Often around other people not showing up in the way that they promise. Once is bad luck, twice is unfortunate. Three times in one day though… That could knock a girl’s confidence! What am I talking about? Being let down by playmates, past, present or potential. I’d better tell you what happened, or not… I find it an odd combination of frustrating and amusing.

So, on Thursday I was due to meet a lady for a social.

She’d opened communication and at her request we’d planned a social. With a nice cup of tea in the sunshine in store, I drove to meet her in her local bar. However, she didn’t show up and was steadfastly not online. It’s ok though, these things happen, especially on swinging sites. I’m told it’s not just me that has their time wasted by fellow fabswingers members, nor is it my first experience of this happening. I did make the most of my opportunity to sit in the sunshine drinking tea, a whole hour with no distractions. There are silver linings everywhere! I understand nerves happen, but if this is you arranging a meet and change your mind at the last minute, just let the other person know!

I’d also had old playmates contact me on Monday.

They were asking if I had any tasks that they could help with. As it happens I am working on something so told them about it and they were both really excited. They had initially suggested Friday and I was excited to play, but while I sat in the sunshine on Thursday I sent a message asking if they would prefer my place or theirs. No answer came the stern reply. Again, no problem on my part, but these are friends I’ve known for years so perhaps some kind of message would have been polite?

And then, third time’s the charm… A lady I’ve been trying to meet with since October messaged at lunchtime to say that she was free Thursday evening. Would I like a visitor that night? Well, what’s a girl to do… Naturally I replied and told her that it would be so nice to finally meet her. So, once my children were in bed I slipped into something my sexy and popped the kettle on. Ten minutes later she messaged to say she’d taken a nap earlier and was now feeling all groggy and wouldn’t be coming.

It’s a good job I have a sense of humour. Life has a funny way of giving us what we need, and an early night was definitely in store. After the nervous energy building up all day I suddenly crashed, overwhelmed with tiredness.

Boob Day
Sinful Sunday

However, before I turned in I decided to make the most of myself as a play partner and got back to being chief troublemaker for myself! Which included taking some pictures in my new body stocking. One of which I’m sharing for the second week of the new look Boobday, as well as Sinful Sunday.


  1. Let downs are par-for-the-course aren’t they. But sometimes me-time play-time can be especially, and necessarily, fulfilling!
    And that looks like a lovely black bodystocking !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. They are indeed. So much so that I will always have a notebook or some reading with me just in case. Sometimes I’m a little disappointed when they do turn up, and I have to be sociable rather than disappearing into my books!

      The body stocking will be making more appearances, I was surprised (and excited) to discover it has sparkly bits! N xx

  2. Ugh! What a shame. I hate when people cancel without telling you. I’ve had that happen a time or two… Glad you have a good perspective about it, but it’s still frustrating!

    1. “When people cancel without telling you” is the perfect phrase. I hope you’ve not been too upset by this behaviour. It says more about them than us. (Though I always enjoy the excuse to reflect on my behaviours. Just to see if I could tweak my approach.)

  3. …hmmm….those moments we get to decide to be discouraged, or redirected….with sense of humor in tact and in tow. I cannot help but always go to the thought that everything happens for a reason(even if we don’t know that reason).

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, it’s so nice to see you here. There were definitely chuckles as the day unfolded. And it’s been so long since I’ve sat quietly in the sunshine. Bliss!

    1. It’s no problem really. I’m fascinated by people, so whether they turn up or not I’m curious about what makes them tick. And it was a great excuse to pop the stocking on. (I’m wearing it out-out tonight!)

  4. Such a beautiful image. I don’t min when people’s plans change or even if they change their mind completely but the ghosting thing really get to me. I have had it happen to me so many times. Not on actual dates but beforehand with people who are one moment messaging and happily chatting the way and then just vanish. I find it really dis concerting


    1. I don’t mind really, it just tickled me that it was three for three. It’s always better if they let you know beforehand, but I’ve learnt that taking a book is a good idea. Just in case.
      The Internet is a funny place, and ghosting is an odd thing. I’m sorry you struggle so much with it. Try to remember that it says more about them than their words ever could. Better to know before you invest in them in person I guess? N

  5. You look great in this sexy outfit. And it’s great that you found the strength to take and post this photo. Let those who let you down look and bite their elbows in regret.

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