Chest harness in Red knothead nylon over a black bra

Chest Harness In Red

Chest harness in Red knothead nylon over a black bra

With the second cup of tea of the day finally finished I can sit and write. I’ve been a bit behind this week, what with one thing and another. (Including February Photo Fest prep) While I was looking for a photo I thought I had, but clearly don’t, I spotted this one of me, bound with a chest harness in red Knothead nylon over a functional black bra. This was one of the first bras I bought when I went on my lingerie mission of late spring 2018.

I had completely forgotten the fitting for this basic black bra, endured just days before the pretty lingerie fitting. It had been a stretch, but not as empowering as the second. However, I hope I’ll never forget this most excellent evening with my good friend. Quite frankly, she has a lot to answer for, and you’ll be reading much more about our amazing friendship as time passes. For now, let me take you back…

Dr Lovelace paid a visit and we had a merry evening with dinner, wax and ropes. It has has been touched upon previously, in the post “Just” a Basic Black Bra. Here you can see the chest harness in red ropes is actually a slightly more complex body tie. Either way, her rope work needs celebrating again as I’ve stumbled across our pictures again.

And because I’m feeling a touch sentimental this afternoon… In the words of Winnie The Pooh

“We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.”

A. A. Milne
Sinful Sunday

I’ve shared this for Sinful Sunday and would encourage you to click the lips and discover what everyone else is up to.

If you fancy seeing a chest harness not in red, and breasts not in a bra, do go and check out this post, featuring the lovely SWL: Sexy Shinju Munenawa.


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