Thank you Sir header shows a woman in heels, facing the corner, one foot raised to her knee.

Thank You Sir

Thank you Sir header shows a woman in heels, facing the corner, one foot raised to her knee.
Photographer: Purple Gecko

“Thank you Sir. May I have another?”

The words, as always, come from between smiling lips. The only hint at my discomfort an involuntary flick of my heel. A reflex action brought on by the burst of energy that can only happen when this masochist and her Owner meet.

“Another? That kick just earnt you a rest. You’re clearly feeling delicate today.”

I may have been facing the corner, bound by the hair and blinfolded, but I could hear the humour in his words. He knew how frustrated I’d be. I knew better than to move, and he knew that more impact wasn’t a good incentive for my future stillness. Instead he attached a spreader bar and asked me to while away some time thinking about my actions.

So I waited.

Then I waited some more.

And each time I felt my perfect poise droop from the effort my scalp would scream.

I could hear him moving around. A bag opening, toys being arranged, footsteps and then I heard him sit, unzip and pull himself free. The distinctive sounds of his self pleasure added to my torment.

The straining of my thighs took second place to the sensations at their apex. From my position I couldn’t quite squeeze them together to ease the pressure. Of course, this was his plan. I dug deep and between listening to his breath, focussed on my own predicament. And how I would prove to him by being patient that I was worthy of further spanking. And more importantly, how I would thank him for a lesson well learnt.


I’d been so deep in my fantasy of cock sucking gratitude I’d not heard him stand, retrieve the paddle and take aim. But as the pain seared through my surprised cheeks I was back in the room, fully present. My feet stayed firmly planted on the ground.

“Thank you Sir. May I have another?”

“That’s much better,” he slid in close behind me, running his fingers across the welts and into the heat between my legs, “lets keep this up and I’ll let you show me how grateful you really are”

Sinful Sunday

I hope you’ve enjoyed “Thank you Sir. May I have another?” It’s a little fantasy (?) of mine. I’ve only had opportunity to write about one punishment I’ve received. Perhaps you’ll enjoy reading that post too? Lady Luck Has No Place In Our Dynamic.


    1. He’s taught me many things. My lessons in patience have taken a LOT of patience from him. He leads by example, that’s for sure! N xx

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