Life lesson #10: rember to celebrate header image. Lady in a red swimming costume, fresh from the sea with water drops on her skin

Remember To Celebrate: LiFE Lesson #10

Header image for rember to celebrate. Lady in a red swimming costume, fresh from the sea with water drops on her skin

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had a moment of clarity around a sticking point in my mind. But this week has been an eye opener regarding the way I react when I achieve a goal. I’m not very often my own cheerleader, so I’m sharing my LiFE lesson #10 remember to celebrate milestones. It’s often all too easy to forget, to brush the achievements under the carpet.

Monday saw me achieve a long term goal.

Finally crossing the finish line of the weight loss journey I’ve been travelling for almost 4 years. It’s about 8 stone in total, and while never about the aesthetic I am enjoying my new shape as much as I love the health benefits. Sir has supported me over the last stone or so, he set the final weight. He’s always been the first to let me know that the whole of me is beautiful and that isn’t defined by the number on the scales, but with my family history of every possible obesity related illness he knew how important it was for me to get here.

So, I weighed in on Monday and I’d crossed the line.

This, naturally, doesn’t mean the end. It’s just the start of the next phase: maintenance and management. But as I’d achieved one goal I wanted to celebrate the milestone. I took myself out for cake, but didn’t fancy any of the offerings. Perhaps pizza for tea with my boys…? Nope, pizza makes my tummy sore. Get my hair done? Noooo, this isn’t a treat for me! Buy a new dress? I couldn’t find any in my size that I liked and could afford. Instead, I planned a run for the following day, beside the sea, rounded off with a swim.

It was hot, but wonderful.

I didn’t go as far as normal but the route I took was quiet, and there was a gorgeous cross shore breeze. Taking some time to enjoy the solitary path along the shoreline, and quietly contemplate the lifestyle changes I’ve made to reach here. Also to consider how to maintain my healthy status. When I plunged back into civilisation I pushed on through the hoards of tourists, reaching a quiet stretch of sand. Switching from running gear to swimming costume before doing my very best baywatch impression and running into the water.

The contrast was delicious!

I’d been baking myself in the hot sunshine, then poured myself into the briny depths. Perfect! I rarely feel more alive than when I’m immersed in nature, and it was, honestly, the most wonderful way to celebrate.

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead”

Nelson Mandela

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