Breasts exposed atop Great Mis Tor for wild camping on Dartmoor. A sunny evening, a 2 man tent and boobs!

Wild Camping On Dartmoor

Breasts exposed atop Great Mis Tor for wild camping on Dartmoor. A sunny evening, a 2 man tent and boobs!

For my 71st scavenger hunt location I find myself back on Dartmoor again, bagging another tor in my tits out tor bagging quest. When I took myself for an exploratory run I was surprised when I stumbled across a tent. It was early evening, and I’d not seen a soul for the entire trot. But suddenly, in the middle of nowhere- atop Great Mis Tor- I was amongst civilisation of sorts. I know that campsites are on the list, but does that include wild camping on Dartmoor? I certainly hope so!

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, wild camping is camping at its most basic.

The rules, according to the Dartmoor website, are simple. If you can carry it in a rucksac, set up so you’re not visible from the main path or road, stay for just one or two nights and leave no trace when you travel onwards, then it is quite legal to pitch up. (Not in all locations though, there is a map to help with this!) So long as you’re not in a big group, causing a nuisance, setting fires, etc…

I’ve yet to take advantage of this permission.

Instead I take my children to basic campsites. This usually means there is a firepit, a composting toilet and bins. It takes the guesswork out of camping with children! Tentative plans are afoot, sunrise rope on Dartmoor with Loki beckons. This will mean my wild camping cherry will be popped! (I’m not the most enthusiastic morning person.)

It is always a pleasure to share a fellow hunters location finds.

This week I’m featuring Purple’s Gem at the Flashing Lighthouse. I know, I know, it’s not a campsite! However, I’m stretching the location with my find so it seemed only right to go off course slightly. I’m love lighthouses, and having already featured one a while back I missed their share so here it is now!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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  1. Good spot! I’m always too nervous to rock up with my tent, I didn’t even like doing it in an RV where you had a bit more security. Whilst I like the freedom, I like the safety in numbers too!

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