Artistic edit of the barefoot subs first time with sir as she shares for Guess who's coming

Guess Who’s Coming!

Artistic edit of the barefoot subs first time with sir as she shares for Guess who's coming

Guess who’s coming! Well, we hope he is anyway. In these uncertain times, coupled with both of our hectic schedules, it would be foolish of me to build my expectations too high. But health, children and work aside, I’ll allow myself a little excitement

It’s fast approaching a year since we were physically entwined, since I felt his kisses in all their forms, but patience is a virtue. There are plans afoot, and though I know loosely what they are, I’m looking forward to immersing myself in his desires, being useful to him in person.

With dreams of future scenes escalating, I fancied a throw back to our first time together. Taken by sir and kindly edited by the amazing Dirty eyes over on Instagram. They really captured the essence of my first trip down the rabbit hole of Sir. I’d known I was submissive long before this image was taken, but I had no idea that subspace even existed. This first night my pupils sat like dinner plates inside my whites, perhpas this was my first, but it definitely wasn’t my last. A long line in a list of wonderful transformations.

I wonder what is coming next…



Sinful Sunday

If you can’t guess who’s coming there may be more hints throughout the blog. Sometimes, the biggest clue is right there, in plain sight


  1. Ahhh how wonderful. Being apart SUCK. I know that all to well so I have my fingers crossed for you that is all works out


  2. I love this edit, as well as your excitement. It’s great to have something to look forward to. Especially something so yummy 🙂

    1. I’m sure we will K, and I’m sure there will be torture of some kind to be completed beforehand. N xx

    1. The digital artists and editors I’ve crossed paths with are all so talented. I’m very lucky to have crossed paths with them x

    1. I have a few pieces of (non-explicit) art I’ve created in my bedroom. I’d love to have pieces like this up too, but will have to wait for my home to be child free.

      I hope they do too! Both of us have shown immense patience. (As so many of us have over the last year)

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