close up of nipple and coarse coir rope

Coarse Coir Rope

close up of nipple and coarse coir rope

With my A-Z April Challenge now under way, I’m continuing on from Breast Bondage with something a little different- Coarse Coir Rope.

I first encountered this particular material at a rope munch, watching a scene between an amazing pairing. It was being used between her toes to add a different sensation to the already painfully tight bondage. Afterwards the bunny explained that it was so deliciously uncomfortable as crotch rope, which was why she wouldn’t be letting me try hers out!

A wise decision indeed.

The thing about Coir rope is that it’s made from the outer shell of coconuts. Now, if you’ve ever rubbed a coconut on your face- and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you?- then you’ll appreciate the texture is not altogether friendly! As the picture shows it is quite prickly, especially on tender flesh.

So, adding it in to ties is just another way for this masochist to get her kicks.

If you’re considering using coir rope in a scene, it’s important to be aware that it is quite brittle. Personally, I would never attempt a suspension with it. But I would incorporate it into one as a bonus toe rope. It adds a different element and sensation to proceedings.

April’s sinful sunday prompt is Wheel of Photography. When I span the wheels I got Black and White for the top wheel, and Macro Photography on the bottom. These seemed to tie in quite nicely with todays post, so I got my creative hat on too. Any excuse to get my ropes out really!

#AtoZChallenge 2021 badge Sinful Sunday

Have you enjoyed learning a little about coarse coir rope? Try reading this story featuring it’s use: Fantasy and reality often overlap.


  1. Between the toes…?!!


    I hadn’t heard of coir rope before reading this; I’m delighted to have learned something new! 🙂

    1. I’m so pleased to be able to share (and maybe inspire you to try) something new. And between the toes is just yummmmmy 😇

    1. It’s a delightful sensation. Much recommended by me (I’m a masochist though, so recommendations taken at your own risk 😉)

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