An unsuspecting barefoot sub caught with exposed nipples and hot chocolate

Nipples and Hot Chocolate

An unsuspecting barefoot sub caught with exposed nipples and hot chocolate

Welcome to week four of February Photo Fest 2021. This weeks theme is Voyeuristic Delights, some moments caught on camera that were, perhaps, unexpected. Todays post, Nipples and Hot Chocolate, blends together the theme for week 3, barefoot in the wild, and this one. I wanted to ease you in gently, you see.

After leaving the Moor I needed warming up. Loki and I had been discussing scavenger hunt posts that afternoon. As  aresult I had my vest top pulled down in preparation. But we weren’t in the right place. I already have a bench shot you see. And the other opportunities were all surrounded by socially distanced support bubbles, making the most of the crisp, cold winter evening.

As a result he caught this of me as I sat relaxing with my hot chocolate. I say relaxing very tongue in cheek! Only in as much as one can with their breasts exposed in public on a cold January evening! With hot drinks drunk and hands thawed we headed off to find a dark, secluded corner. Which we found, just here!

February Photofest

If Nipples and Hot Chocolate is your kind of post, please consider buying me a coffee (or hot chocolate) so I can do this again!


    1. I had a few images this month that I knew I wanted to create. This one was one such picture and though it didn’t help with my scavenger hunt (as intended) I did fall in love with it. There’s just nothing like a hot chocolate on a chilly evening! N x

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