the barefoot subs leg gets a close shave, in black and white

A Close Shave

the barefoot subs leg gets a close shave, in black and white

You’d think, after all these years making my body smooth would be a chore. But I still love it. In fact, having a close shave feels like a bit of a treat. And so I tried to compose a shot, with voyeurism in mind. For the final week of February photo fest, which has the theme: Voyeuristic Delights.

One of Sir’s requirements is that my pubic area is smooth. I’m really happy with this request as it has been my preference from teenage years, you see. Before he set this rule down for me I worried that he would want me to grow it! Fortunately my fears were unfounded.

I do wonder whether I would have grown to love it, had he requested a landing strip. Or even more challenging for me… a full bush?!! I do find pubic hair incredibly uncomfortable. I have attempted to grow it on several occasions, when he has been away. But I always end up with particularly unpleasant chafing when I run. It is safe to say I’m not a fan!

Yes, I shall continue to celebrate my intimate curves in a smooth fashion.


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    1. Thank you very much! This one I took by myself. Not sure anyone really needs to watch me shaving my legs 😉

    1. I’m only just starting to create the pictures that I imagine. I’m pleased with how this one came out x

  1. So glad you still enjoy making yourself smooth for your partner, it is my preference too as I like stroking the newly smoothed smoothness.

    1. That’s the best feeling. I also enjoy the velvety texture of 24hours of growth when shaving.

  2. This photo is just so captivating and clever – it suggests so much sexiness with its simplicity! I don’t shave any of my body hair, so I love hearing how other people feel about theirs.

    1. Thank you Quinn. I was really nervous about posting this one, which is odd given how much random flesh I share and how much thought went into this.

      I agree, seeing how others embrace their hair and/or depilation is interesting. I love seeing how different we are.

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