The barefoot sub is exposing her breasts at the traffic lights for the post an exhibitionist crossing

An Exhibitionist Crossing

The barefoot sub is exposing her breasts at the traffic lights for the post an exhibitionist crossing

If you are a long time reader of A Leap of Faith then you’ll know I love participating in the scavenger hunt. I try to publish one post in this category each week. Now, this makes complete sense to me most of the time. It gives me some form of structure. There is also the additional layer of submission to my day to day as I was originally tasked with a similar project by Sir. I also have a mild obsession with finding new locations so there is no shortage of images. Win, win, win. However, I have decided to make the theme for this week of February Photo Fest Voyeuristic Delights, and so I had to get my thinking cap on. The idea of an Exhibitionist Crossing began to take shape. But how would I create this alone?

Fortunately a weekend with my bubble buddy SWL gave me extra freedom. Freedom from my children, yes, but also from my boring and horrendously busy pedestrian crossings. And an extra set of hands and eyes, to make the image work. Actually we took a few sets, but this one image… with me searching up the road for oncoming traffic and completely forgetting the camera… is exactly what I had in mind.

Another take on an exhibitionist crossing the road is Molly’s Look Both Ways. She makes the point that summer is a better time to find scavenger hunt locations. This is because the number of clothes requiring removal is significantly less. I have to say I’m inclined to agree!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

February Photofest
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    1. Thank you Posy. I’m not sure if I’m brave or just daft half the time. But having a friend (SWL in this case or Loki) makes the process easier and more fun!

    1. We got lucky with the traffic. A brief window of opportunity. We had a back up crossing, which would be quieter, but this one was prettiest.

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