Tell Me A Story In Black And White

Black and white photo of the barefoot subs lycra clad bottom

All of life is open to interpretation. This includes art, specifically, in this case, black and white photography. I’ve been enjoying trying different ways of editing my images to tell stories for a little while now. But I hadn’t considered the above quote, and I started to look at how my edits changed the narrative behind the pictures.

“Colour is descriptive.

Black and white is interpretive.

~Eliott Erwit~

I had another image in mind for prompt week, but spent the afternoon climbing with a friend who has a massive lycra fetish. I don’t “dress to impress” as I don’t wish to lead him on, but it did remind me of a picture I took a while back. This picture.Β  They are the same capris I wore when we went kayaking and I hadn’t realised about his taste in clothing! I was accused of being a tease, but my attire was not for his benefit, just my own comfort.

The picture I remembered was a pre-run image, curves encased in bright, tight lycra. Never meant for here, just a moment of pride that I wanted to share with Sir. The colourful original is a really cheerful photo, but it doesn’t take much imagination to see the happy woman who wears them.

What would I think, seeing my patterned posterior in black and white?

What story does this behind tell you about its owner?

Sinful Sunday



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