What’s Your Favourite Thing About Yourself?

What’s your favourite thing about yourself? Is it something we can see? Or is it something less obvious to the eyes? A quality hidden deep inside.

Maybe you can see it in photographs, or perhaps it’s an energy invisible to the lens. Whatever it is, find a way to celebrate your favourite thing about yourself. My comments section or contact form are excellent places to start the ball rolling.

Let me go first…

My favourite thing about me?

I am always myself, no matter who I’m with or what I’m doing.

Usually, this just means I’m enjoying a giggle and a laugh, or a frustrated cry. Often times I’m being a silly arse and cooking up some mischief. Sometimes I surprise myself with the version of me that pops up. Occasionally someone inspires me to show up in a different way than anyone could have predicted. And even when I’m being horrid to myself – which is par for the course of being human – I’m still doing it as me.

A photo won’t tell you that I’m just being me. But, just like in the picture

Sinful Sunday
Boobday Button

Huge thanks to Tree Of Life Photography for the amazing shoot and resulting images. My favourite thing about modelling is getting to bounce ideas off of a variety of fabulous creatives. Check out more of my work with the Pro-togs here.


  1. My favourite thing about me? I will have to get that a think…. Definitely something about my resilience but also being a thinker, even though that does lead to over thinking at times

    Oh and stunning image. Really beautiful


  2. I love this image, so strong and powerful.

    And like you, my favourite thing about me is something you can’t see with your eyes, it’s something within me.

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