Barefoot in heels and latex, the star of her own peep show

Star Of My Own Peepshow

Barefoot sub in heels and latex, the star of her own peep show

For one splendid night I decided to be the star of my own peepshow. A special one, different to what I normally send his way. On this occasion I was feeling very sexy after a run. A tune came through my headphones and I started dancing around the house like an idiot. Albeit a hot one- in my head, anyway!

Now, I’d been washing all of my latex, as the house is briefly child free. And spying my favourite piece, and the heels form a recent shoot, I took the plunge. I wanted to make sir a little video. Of me dancing to the tune I told him about last time it had this effect.

My thinking was that I’d either look sexy and confident, which he would enjoy. Or I would humiliate myself and would likely please him with that too.

As I danced I glanced at the recording screen. I did not look like I had imagined I would.

Afterwards I watched the entire thing (something I never do) realised there was, perhaps, about 20 seconds where I had hit the first objective- to look sexy. Using the trim function I lined it up to edit the video before deciding that only showing him my “best bits” was never an option so I uploaded it all for his viewing pleasure.

His extra special peepshow, a surprise gift from his not-so-sexy submissive.

Revisiting the start before hitting send, I noticed this leggy blonde;

A bombshell in every sense of the word.

As she leant over to hit play on the laptop her body oozed sex appeal. I’ll admit to a rush of blood to certain areas as I realised that she was me!

And I’m the star of my own peepshow.

Titillating myself on a tiny screen, with an unexpectedly erotic view. It’s only since taking the screen grab that I’ve realised my tan lines… Ha! The bombshell is a human after all! It’s good to keep myself grounded, hey?

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  1. Very nice! It’s funny how we don’t see ourselves the way others see us. Once (and only once), I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and thought the woman there looked attractive before realizing she was me.

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