LiFE Lesson #1

The barefoot sub in blue lingerie with rainbow filter for life lesson #1

I love rainbows, and I try my best to be a positive person in my own little world. Along the way through my own darkness I have learnt a lot on what makes me feel content. Often times I have found a quote, after making the realisation, and they seem to match up. Which is what the series of LiFE Lessons is all about. All good things start at the beginning, in this case Life lesson #1

Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.

Poet Aberjhani

I haven’t always been that keen on me, and sometimes I may have liked part of me but the rest is a bit meh. I started exploring the world before I found my own rainbow. Life lesson #1 is more about having faith in what other say. Sir has always shown me what he sees in me. As I learnt to trust him I started to see more colours on the rainbow, building the spectrum of joy I now share here. It’s not without its challenges though, and sometimes there isn’t enough sunshine (or rain) to make the desired effect. But it is always there, waiting.

Life Lesson #1 is the first of, hopefully, many posts in this series. To find more please take a peek at the archives.


    1. I’m not usually one for filters but I have a new phone so thought I’d try it out. It definitely felt fitting for my final LiFE pride post.

    1. There is an app on my new phone that I thought I’d try for the rainbows. It just tweaked the actual light, which was just the last of the evening sun flooding into my bedroom. I love my lingerie too, thank you ML 😊

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