The barefoot sub in an israeli gas mask for This is my quarantine.

Isolation is a way to know ourselves.

The barefoot sub in an israeli gas mask for This is my quarantine.

While the isolation rules continue I am taking the time to look though my files.

I remember this shoot from 18 months ago fondly, though it feels like so long ago now. I shared one of the images that PeteMcD and I created for Sinful Sunday shortly after the trip up onto Dartmoor with corsets, gas masks and cake. The reason I chose the location was partly due to the handy parking and tea van nearby, but also due to a walk I had taken a few weeks earlier with slave lytton.

It was fresh in my mind after a refreshingly misty day up on the moors.

Tonight the wander through my archives has taken me back to not only the walk with a photographer, but also a walk with a great friend. Revisiting conversations on his zombie apocalypse planning and tonight wondering if I could pinch his spot, near where this picture was taken and set up home in isolation with my two lovely boys and a little bit of special PPE.

It’s always good to have a plan.

Sinful Sunday

Isolation is a way to know ourselves was first published on A Leap of Faith.


  1. Isolation has been a good way of finding more out about ourselves, I think we’ll learn even more as we begin to emerge again.

    1. It’s also interesting to learn about friends. Seeing the way that my close circle has managed has been a true insight.

    1. He did some really incredible edits, and it was interesting to work with someone who has a specific style (50s glamour) but was trying to push his own boundaries with fetish style.

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