Intelligence is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac


Certain foods, drink, candle light, a certain song, a particular scent, Wednesdays; there are all kinds of things that people consider aphrodisiacs.

Different people are turned on by different things, so, this week, what we want to know is:

Do you have a go to aphrodisiac?

What things help put you in a sexy mood?

Do you have a favourite “love potion/cocktail” that you know your partner cannot resist?

Food for Thought Friday likes to share questions that I struggle to answer. Sometimes the answers just come to me, and the posts write themselves, but weeks like this provoke an internal argument.

I don’t eat Oysters, sip Champagne or nibble strawberries from a lovers fingers. “Pah” I thought “I don’t need aphrodisiacs!”

And then I read the original post again. It wasn’t all about food as I had initially read it. And there is so much more to my state of arousal than what I perceive to be “the norm.”

Over the years I have found that my sense of smell has a direct line to my libido. I like men to be clean but naturally scented. The pheromones which they give off, particularly from their armpits (during an embrace before the clothes come off) or on their balls and in their pubic hair (when I’m nuzzled down there) can make me soak through almost instantly. I am a very happy masturbator, but the thing that I am unable to replicate is testosterone laced bodies. I miss that extra layer of arousal.

I would describe my sexuality as submissive, mainly craving the Dominant male to stimulate my desires. Intelligently fucking with my mind presses all of my buttons and leaves me helpless in the face of my need to please Him. It takes some time and effort for Him to weave His ways but… once in there, so long as it is good for him, the slut will come out to play. Simply saying:

  • Entertain me.
  • Amuse me.
  • Make me proud.
  • I’m not sure what I want to from you next. You know what I like… Please me.

I love this quote:

Image result for seduce the mind quotes

It more or less sums up my aphrodisiacal (I think I made this up?) needs.

My magic potion for seducing my partner is….

Non existent. I have been told my open, honest and direct manner gets men excited. They know where they stand with me I guess? But I think also my eyes, I’m told they are very twinkly and mischievous. I shall try to be more observant of what works in future.




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