Stop making memories with people you’d rather forget. #4


There isn’t any body from my past I’d rather forget. Each and every person who has come into my life has helped me grow into the person I am today. The only person I would rather forget is the broken shell of a woman that I became, but even then….the memory keeps me mindful of other peoples struggles.

So, as its my blog, instead of thinking of a song to remind me of the woman I wish I could forget, I have chosen a song which reminds me of the woman I have become. The woman who still has so many paths to explore and pages to turn. Because I want to do Bad Things.  (By Jace Everett.)

 I love music and am always on the lookout for something new to listen to, so I hope the 30-Day Song Challenge inspires some of you to share.


  1. OMG. Love that song!!

    “Real bad things with you”. Right? Mmmmhhhhmmmm

    I always think that’s how I want to feel about someone. I never turned it around like you did. You bad, bad girl. ?? Keep it up!!


    1. Hehe! It’s an awesome tune isn’t it?

      It makes me want to do bad things with all sorts of (age appropriate and consenting) people! ? ❤️

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