I really respond to putting myself out of my own depth and finding my feet.


There is something which was of interest to me, something I wanted to learn more about and I definitely wanted to try it.


I had seen clips of it in a large number of porn movies, and I was curious about it, but I had no idea how to get started. For the first time in my journey I was stepping into unknown territory without an experienced hand to guide me, or discuss possibilities with. So I found some groups on Fetlife and got chatting with a number of people. It seems that there is a shortage of female submissives who are interested in having their feet caned! I could not think why; I had grown up walking barefoot on shingle beaches, sometimes for miles and once shredding my soles.

It had always had the effect of making me feel alive, invigorated. 

With a gap in the market I was inundated with offers for play with “experienced” men, many of whom were across oceans. I was always polite in my rejections, pointing out that it was unrealistic to pursue play relationships with them, and am still in contact with some of them. It is always nice to see what people are getting up to when they pop up on my newsfeed. There was one person who was fairly local, had a full profile and checked out well. H was very open about the fact that feet and foot caning were his main fetishes and he had not met anyone locally who could endure this kind of play, let alone enjoy it.

We agreed to meet up for dinner the following week, and I continued with my research. 

H had labelled himself as a sadist, but all of his pictures were of smiling bottoms. I did a bit a digging about him, because there is no point being part of a community if you don’t use it, he came up in a positive light even if he was a bit of a player… but that didn’t matter because I wasn’t looking for a new Dominant, just a mutually beneficial friendship. So we met up in the town I had suggested, and then struggled to find somewhere to eat due to it being the local beer festival the following day. We finally found a pub which had space for us. He turned out to be a feeder, ordering soup while I ordered lasagne. He barely touched the soup, but made sure I finished all of my meal. Over this peculiar mealtime we chatted, and he was very good company. He had interesting stories to tell about his upbringing and what brought him to the world of kink. He was married to a vanilla wife, and they lived separate lives. He had a submissive who had a boyfriend. It was clear to me that he wanted the same thing as me, friendship and foot caning.

The perfect way to start mending my broken kinky heart.

We agreed to meet up a couple of weeks later, and he asked me to try out using a wooden spoon on my feet in the meantime. And so it began, I was finding my feet, and learning more about myself. My task was to spank the soles of my feet ten times each, at a medium intensity. I did this one night after the boys were in bed and P was at work on a night shift, it meant that I could take my time to endure or enjoy, whichever it would be. What a sensation?! A little bit of a sting, but I was not expecting a funny pins-and-needles type feeling to spread over my soles. I realised that I was definitely going to fall in the enjoy group for bastinado. Next he suggested I stand on my door mat, bare foot, for a period of ten minutes. It was easy so I stayed longer, seeing if it would get uncomfortable (it didn’t). After reporting back to him he replied that he was very pleased with my level of submission, and that I was very close to the level he would want me to be at. This was a surprise as I had no feelings of submission towards him just a sense of exploration and adventure, but it had a healing effect on me.

Maybe I wasn’t a bad submissive after all.



  1. You know, it’s funny that I absolutely HATE having my feet touched but … the few times we have played with the cane I would have to say I enjoyed it, somehow, on some level.

    I had almost forgotten. Thanks for the post and the reminder! *grin*

  2. Great story, thanks for sharing! Love reading about the sexual kinks of others and how we explore our naughty passions.?Looks like you are moving on nicely after your last disappointment.?

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