Naked thigh with a lion tattoo tied into a futomomo with rainbow rope. Shared for the post Can't do it.
My beautifully bratty friend, as tied by me.

My brain was screaming loudly, though my mouth remained clamped shut. Silent.

Staring at the blank screen in front of me I had been counting down the hours until my deadline. That had now passed, words for the extension request almost failing me too. It was the worst case of block I have ever experienced and the cause of it was entirely unknown. The screaming continued, louder by the day. Drowning out every little piece of understanding that sat in the recesses of my brain. Strange how running quieted my grey matter brat. While thundering around the trails I could form sentences, prove my understanding and make headway with the words.

As soon as I sat down to that little screen the paragraphs evaporated.

They came eventually. Dribs and drabs of incoherent blathering. Not up to my normal standard, but technically I wouldn’t need to hand this one in to get a pass mark so I could afford this temporary glitch. Stretching back in my seat I growled. The frustration coming out in a growl of rage, my inner brat vocalising for the first time. With her voice came hot tears, burning at my eyes and clawing to get out. Angrily swiping them away with my sleeve I knocked the laptop with my elbow and brought up the internet browser.

Fuck It!!

As I’m here I’ll just have a quick look… 

My Xhamster login was automatic, and my favourites easy enough to pick through, to find exactly what was going to hit the spot. Hot tears dried and dormant folds began to heat and swell. Dropping my hands to my pussy, stroking gently in time the slaves hands as he stroked his mistresses clit. Delving into my inviting wet hole with more vigour than I’d realised I had in me while his colleague fucked her withe shiny black dildo gag. Climaxing with the Domme on the screen as her body was wracked with sensation, gushing over my cushioned chair as her mouth poured obscenities at those caged boys.

The brat was quiet, for the first time in a couple of days. Sated…

Maybe now the brat has cum the words will follow.

Can’t do it? Won’t do it, until she gets her way.

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Can’t do it! was first published on A Leap of Faith.

A writer is always writing for someone.


Writing is a funny thing.

It gives me the a wonderful outlet, a way to process events and mull things over. Over the last year or so I have found a community in which I feel like I belong. The sex blogging community have welcomed me with open arms, supported me when I have had my blog removed from wordpress and given me new and exciting ways to open up to the world around me. My kinky friends have appeared to enjoy learning a little more about me, and seeing themselves in my posts.

Writing with block is not fun.

When I first started the blog my objective was clear, and my audience was obvious too. It was a way for me to have a conversation with sir. One way, yes, but a conversation non-the-less. I knew he was reading from afar. He left again in July, and while I tried to believe that he would be keeping an eye that feeling kind of left me, and as it did so did my ability to write. When I first started the blog I read that it is “important to know who you are writing for.” That wasn’t clear anymore, and though I found joy in participating in the weekly memes my main objective faltered, and then stopped altogether. January saw just 3 posts, all in response to prompts. I couldn’t find 150 words to describe me for the Smutmarathonso I had to pass until next year. I didn’t even have anything worthy of submitting to elust 115.

Something had to change.

That change came with a university assignment and February Photofest. Once I had got the formal writing out of the way I was able to start thinking about my posts. The pictures of others were so intimidating I almost froze again but… I had a great selection of images I had been keeping back for this month and they would have been wasted just sat in my dropbox… So I started, a little late but any start is better than none. And the more I posted the more my brain would release words. As the month progressed I found it hard to keep up but not impossible. Inspired by the many other bloggers participating in the challenge, and weekly memes I was able to get through the rest of the month aside from one day. Today is the last day of the month, but I have found a new way to focus.

A new audience if you like.

Thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers and meme hosts who have made it feel like I have never been away. I am so lucky to be able to choose the top lists for various different memes over the coming months, and with Eroticon in a couple of weeks, I have some exciting times to look forward to, new people to meet and lots of things to learn.

Now then, where did I put my pens? I have writing to do…

Thanks to Tony James Photography for indulging my creativity.
February Photofest


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