New Beginnings Under The Old Oak Tree

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Back in 2021 and 2022 I took part in the Blogable Fiction Marathon. I wrote New Beginnings (Under The Old Oak Tree) for the 2021 Round Three prompt to create a piece around dialogue.

Recently I’ve been having ideas above my subby station, and this story popped back into my mind. Hunting it out for a quick one handed read I thought you might like to read it again too. The header photo is by Jeremy Bishop on While Blogable is no longer active, it was a treasure trove of support for navigating the blogging world. Both May More and Marie Rebelle continue their fabulous work, from their new bases on Medium and, while gathering links for this post, I was delighted to discover the Tantalising Tales Fiction Contest. The new incarnation of the BFM perhaps.

51 years ago they planted me here to watch over the landscape. An Oak tree to commemorate the end of the war and celebrate new beginnings. I’ve seen my fair share of rambunctious youngsters trying their hand at climbing a tree, youths experimenting with first kisses and secret cigarettes. I’ve heard whispered longings and final farewells; even had wishes tied to my branches and tears water my roots. These youngsters grew up, made their way into the big, wide world. Sometimes returning years later, ready to start the cycle all over again. There’s one couple I remember clearly. She’d taken her first steps while holding on to my gnarly trunk. He would hide in my upper branches through skipped lessons. Many of their firsts were within my sights. Now married, they’re back, building a life together in their hometown.

Late one night, I recognised their approaching voices.

“Stop it, just… stop! You can say that all you want but you still just assume you know.” It was her, loud and shrill.

“But I’ve always asked what you want…”

“Just because you ask, doesn’t mean you listen to the answer” her hissed interruption pierced the moonlit night. “I say ‘Feast on my cunt, rip orgasms from me until I gush’ and you…. You gently lay me down, lapping at me until my tummy flutters in pleasant appreciation. NOT the same thing!”

“OK. I’m all ears. Tell me. No-no. SHOW me…!”

“Now? Your timing is impeccable. As always.”

“Tell me now, while we walk home. Once I know I’ll try again, do better”

“Be careful what you wish for. You’ve not listened before. I imagine you’re in for a shock.” There was a wry smile in her words then.

“Try me” he said, aware it may be too little too late.

A pause as if considering his words.

“Stop.” His breath caught as she continued, “we’re going to try things now. Not ‘discuss as we walk and try when we’re home’. You’ll only forget. I don’t want that to happen. My needs should be etched on your soul. Shall I show you? I’ll go gentle. You can stop me at any time”.

He hesitated for just a moment, but in the sultry summer air it felt like an eternity “Ummm, ok. What do you want me to…?”

“These- off,” she shushed him, tugged at his jeans. “And this,” a finger flicked toward his shirt next as she guided him to his knees.

“Oh, and you’ll be needing these” she whipped off her knickers, laughed while stuffing his surprised mouth.

“Now you’re kneeling comfortably I’d like to use your belt to colour your cheeks. Nod if you’re happy.” He smiled around the underwear, nodding his consent. “Six on each cheek should give you a taster of what I want. Shake your head if it gets too much.”

He took each blow with a wincing breath, but never asked her to stop.

She hadn’t thrashed him, as she had in her fantasies, instead luxuriating in the warm leather strap in her fist. Marvelling at the changes of tone on his cheeks, visible even though they were only lit by the faint glow of street lights.

“Thank you, I certainly enjoyed that!” A quick glance showed his turgid shaft bouncing in the shadows, rhythmically, in time with is pants. She smirked down at him, “I see you did too. Lay down now, you’ve earnt the rest, and I want to make use of your excitement. Shall we continue?”

Actions speak louder than words. He rolled over, offered his straining cock for her use. Already close from delivering the spanking, pleasure pulsed through her within minutes. As she screamed her release at the stars he climaxed too, unable to hold himself back

“Did I say you could cum? I orgasm so you think you can too??”

Her voice crackled and fizzed as she berated him. “That isn’t how this is works… This was about my pleasure, not yours. I can’t be walking home with that sticky mess seeping from between my lips. Make it right!” Her panties pulled from his mouth she squat over it, his nimble tongue deftly erased their juices from her swollen cunt.

“That… Wow! I’m so sorry… I should have… attention… sooner…” The sentences wouldn’t form as he struggled into his clothing.

“Now you’ve started to listen, shall we keep it that way? What we just did, that’s what I want. And, unless I’m very much mistaken, you’ll be comfortable fulfilling my desires.”

“I’ve never seen you like that before. In control. Will you show me more?”

She started walking away from me, him. “Will I show you more…what?”

“Will you show me more please?” Jeans half-way up his legs, he hopped after her.

“Please is correct, and yes,” she looked back at him, smiled, “I’d love to.”

Watching them disappear into the night I stood sentry in the dark.

And this old Oak celebrated their latest of new beginnings.

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