Two Hot Blondes In One Naughty Corner

two hot blondes: Coco polishing barefoot's latex at Twisted Boudoir

Sinful Sunday is all about the image. Which is just as well as I’m still blown away with the picture above. You may not realise, but one of the two hot blondes is me! How I found my way into the naughty corner is a mystery… One minute I’m chatting to an online-ropey-friend in the social area at Twisted Boudoir, having met her for the first time. The next I’m handing her the latex polish and inviting her to buff me. Showing her how it’s done, and then giving her free reign.

The invitation came when she asked if she could feel my latex hood. She’d never touched latex before and wondered what it was like, was terrified of making a hole. I wasn’t worried about that, I have the skills to repair rubber outfits and enjoy a project. And as I hadn’t had chance to make myself super-shiny thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.

Perhaps that should say “thought I’d calm two hot blondes with one job.”

Only, as you can see, we neither of us look particularly calm.

In fact we look positively naughty! Two hot, mischievously misbehaving blondes, in exactly the right place at exactly the right time! Not that I even realised there was a sign on the wall behind us, until much later, with photo edits going on.

Anyway, she did a marvellous job of polishing me! After that we both excitedly relaxed – is that even a thing? – into an evening of silly, unrestrained laughter. Unrestrained on my part. You see, I just couldn’t help myself…

Coco was tied, spanked and (naturally) had a wet raspberry blown on her arse.

That was before our conversation took an interesting and entirely unexpected turn! Next I released her, we had a big hug and then she went to play with a ropey couple, while I got changed (out of my now dripping rubber body suit) and spent some time chatting to old friends and complete strangers!

I know this won’t be the last photo I share of that evening. And if the sparks that flew between Coco and I are anything to go by, I don’t imagine it will be the last gloriously kinky evening us two hot blondes share. But you’ll have to wait and see what mischief we got/get up to.

Sinful Sunday

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