Doing My Civic Duty

exposing my breasts in a polling booth while doing my civic duty. Poster behind me explains what voters need to do.

Oops, two posts in a row for the Scavenger Hunt. This one taken while doing my civic duty, voting in my local council elections. I know that not everyone has been invited to their polling stations today, but if you have and haven’t made it yet, please consider this your reminder. If you are unsure then check out the BBC Local Elections 2023 page where you can input your postcode and find out.

I know, I know. It’s getting late, and it’s wet and windy and cold and miserable and…

Do the local council elections even matter?

I can’t make that call for you. Along with the right to vote comes the right not to vote.

Personally, if I don’t vote I don’t feel I have the right to complain to the powers that be. I take my vote seriously, consider the options carefully. And most importantly… quiz the people who want to represent me. It’s a right I am passionate about, never more so than in the current climate.

I don’t feel obliged to carry out my civic duty.

I want to.

I’m not what I’d describe as a political activist, and there isn’t a burning desire within me to run for council or parliament. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take an active interest, build up my knowledge and understanding, and ultimately hold those in power to account.

Growing up voting was part of my life. Each round of elections would see me visiting the polling booths with my parents. Neither of them overtly political but with a shrewd understanding of those in the running. And the desire to vote is something I hope to pass on to my children. Are they permitted into the polling booths with me? Sadly not. Though they can sit in the stations while I make my choices, it’s not quite the same. So today they stayed at home and, well, there are some silver linings to the red tape.

I took the opportunity with both hands, to use two of my special powers of persuasion to get you out of the door.

Just don’t forget your Photo ID!

It’s not ‘just’ my civic duty, it’s my free pass for grumbling about and to the elected elite.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

I’m adding this to my Scavenger Hunt, as my 123rd location. I may not have considered it without the listing for Voting Booth.

Boob Day


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