A bound body frees the mind

Bound for LiFE

As it’s still pride month I thought I’d stick with the theme for LiFE and get my rainbow rope out.

I love sheer lingerie, but it is less than ideal when it comes to tying. It is slippery and slidey, even with the natural fibres I was using. However, I like the challenge, and it looks really pretty.

I wanted to combine the chest harness with some cuffs, as the prompt for Tie Me Up Tuesday this week is all about the hands.

When I tie myself it isn’t about art, it’s about freedom.

Freedom from my mind, focusing solely on the rope in hand. The wraps cinching tight around my body. The vibrations as I pull the lines across and through. The sound of the working ends dropping to the floor. The smell of the rope as it warms against my skin. The taste as I use my teeth to open the frictions I worked so hard to close off.

A solitary connection.

Perhaps in these strange times more of us could use a rope hug?

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A bound body frees the mind was first published on A Leap of Faith.


  1. Oh that’s so clever! Maybe I’ll try and combine handcuffs with a chest harness too. I was wondering what I could do with them.
    I love your smile in this picture, looks like you’re having so much joy and it makes me smile. The way you described rope, wow 😊

    You’re certainly right about the sheer looking good with the rope! And do I see property written on you? 😛 Hehe.
    Ps I’m very jealous of your rainbow rope! x

    1. You do indeed see property written on me. I have been asked to wear Sirs property from right shoulder to left hip. Marked, owned.

      Rope is a big thing for me, in many ways. I could never do it justice… in words or images. So I’ll keep tying, and keep trying.

      If it’s rainbow rope you’re after these are feom the bondage man (uk based, but ships internationally) but Ropes by EDK (USA based) is awesome. His colour ways work differently to TBM but I have some of his ropes and love them. EDK is pretty awesome, and his wife makes wonderful things from string too.

    1. I’m doing a lot of that recently, smiling I mean… Not quite enough rope though

    1. Thank you Michael. I have a lot to be happy about, so I’m glad I can bring that joy elsewhere.

  2. I love, love, love the rainbow rope! And I also get that tying is about freedom, not art. There’s something wonderful in feeling the restrictions of the rope 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. I a complete rope slut Marie. And as I keep writing my way through the years (I’m only up to 2017 so far) I am looking forward to sharing my discoveries. I find so much joy in bondage, whether that is bunny, rigger or both together. N x

    1. I find there is so much joy to be had in life, and when I’m trying to set the timer and do the blindfold, and be in position all while tied tightly to my chest harness… it’s just another reason to smile. (Like a maniac, at myself)

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