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This week I’ve decided to join in with the quick fire TMI Tuesday questions.

Complete each sentence with an anecdote of sexual adventure or misadventure:

1. The first time I . . .

…had sex in a car was with my first boyfriend. It was in his mums car, a white nissan almera estate. The romance doesn’t stop here. We were pulled up in a layby, and the seats were folded down with blankets thrown over the coarse carpet to make it more comfortable. We had ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s Pfish Food, and as I reclined, with my eyes closed, he ate it from my naked body. Opening my eyes to look at the starry sky I noticed the rear windscreen was fogged up, so I reached up to wipe it clear. A shadowy figure loomed over the window, and I pulled a blanket over me. I had never seen him move so quickly, but he got out to confront the individual perving on him and his girl!! He was so brave, my hero! Standing up to the…. Horse!

2. The last time I . . .

…enjoyed naked cuddles was during the summer holidays. No sex, just platonic intimacy. Cuddles, strong arms and a tickly nose. Although I would love a relationship, I love my own company and that of my children. I can take care of most of my needs, but giving myself a strong, safe space to curl up and be small is outside of my skill-set. There are people I could ask for this, but when I need skin-to-skin contact is when I am least likely to ask.

3. The only time I . . .

…have organised my own blind fuck I was so careful with all of my planning. He and I spoke on the phone, I checked out his verifications and planned my safety call. I was as safe as I was going to be, and probably even more careful than I would have been if I was actually going to see him. Anyway… He must have been really excited at the prospect because less than 15 minutes after checking in with my safety call (he was 3 minutes away) I was on the phone to her to say he had gone and I was safe. She suggested I get someone else in to finish me off. I love to be a cum dump, but it needs to be part of a bigger picture, and the expectation of this meet was so much more than the execution.

4. My best . . .

…friends, my inner circle. They bring out the best in me. And they allow the worst out too. They trust and share and love. My chosen family, they are my closest allies, and people who aren’t afraid to put me back in my place should I need that too. And when I look around my circle I see that I have shared more than just secrets with them. Well, most of them, I have two close and wonderful friends who have always been purely platonic. More stories to come, but if I share now that would be spoilers

5. My worst . . .

…encounter was with a hotelier I have called MS and introduced him in this post. He was everything that I now know that I don’t want, and still makes my skin prickle when I spot his avatar on Fetlife, though it seems he has disappeared now. A good example of why I should trust my intuition.

BONUS: Everyone, no matter how much experienced, still has some unfulfilled desires. What is at the top of your yet-to-do list?

I would love to go to PisSoir in full latex and experience a night devoted to watersports. Sharing nectar with friends, old and new!

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  1. #3 is interesting. Obviously I don’t know the full details of the arrangement, but even allowing for his immediate arousal (because you’re that sexy!) a gentleman would have stuck around to see you through to the finish. Or maybe you didn’t ask or a gentleman? 🙂

    1. We had talked about the visit and what we both wanted from it. I was expecting a gentleman, and at least one orgasm… I agree, the situation would have been incredibly erotic. A naked blindfolded woman on her knees waiting for him. However, had he been a giver (as he had told me he was) I would have had him back. There is nothing like disappointment to dry out a pussy.

      1. It’s all good lessons. There are much worse ways that things could have gone awry. Being disappointed is the best outcome. ?

  2. The first time I had sex in a car was sadly not until last year. It was one of those things I really wanted to try but then I tried it and it really wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for sharing ?

    1. I’ve had mixed experiences in cars, dependent on level of need (horniness) location (risk) and company. But it would never be somewhere I would plan for. I think. The surprise factor adds to my enjoyment of cramped spaces.

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