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What a week mine has been. Full of surprises, and unexpected kindness from strangers. With drama and stress surrounding my blog (or sudden lack thereof) it was suggested that I talk to @DomSigns I never expected such kindness and patience, but he showed both and more besides. Not only was his 1-1 guidance great, his  #techdaddythursday    post had the same easy to follow style. So, if you’re on twitter, go and check him out. And if you’re not sign up, and then go and check him out.

Tits and Test Tubes caught my attention with her masturbation monday post sleeper train slut. Her words conjured up so many delicious images in my mind, but this sentence brought a particularly slutty grin to my lips:

 I’m always excited when I can hear a small queue of visitors waiting patiently and somewhat sheepishly in the narrow corridor outside my cabin.

Nijntje and the Bear posted redemption is submission. I found it incredibly moving, and though this may not be her usual type of post (she popped a disclaimer at the bottom) but I wonder how many of us can relate to this in to some extent?

As someone who has particularly struggled with confidence in my breasts it was with great excitement that I joined in with  Friday is Boobday yesterday. I was particularly taken with Pieces of Jade’s post. Her beautiful smile and gentle confidence ooze sex appeal, particularly when her cleavage is on display too.

And now I am entering the weekend with a spot of edging, which ties in with a site called Edging Space I wanted to share this week. Good fuck toys stay wet is just one of a whole host of posts shared on this site, and I shall be visiting regularly to see what else comes up.



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