When you’re hitting a wall focus on one brick

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F4TFriday #70 – Brick Walls and Inspirations

I am sad to say I have been neglecting my blog. There are all sorts of reasons, but mainly it comes down to my needing to focus elsewhere. Now though, life has become manageable once more. The state of arousal that I have been in since early august has reduced significantly and I can now get back into my routines. f4tfriday is a meme I have been following for some time now, and as I set out my intention to get back into the swing of things I found this weeks post, and decided that this would help remind me what I am doing here.

Hopefully it will give you all a little insight into my thoughts too.

Where do the ideas for your content come from? 

My main plan for A Leap Of Faith was to share the story of how I became the woman I am today. This hasn’t changed at all, and this week will see a return to the story. I also really enjoy the memes and try to participate in Sinful sundayTMI Tuesday, The Scavenger Hunt and #Boobday even when the words are failing me.

How do you get inspiration? Who or what inspires what you post?

For my story I am inspired by events that have happened in my life. I often have correspondence of one form or another to look back on, smile and share. Pictures stored on my battered old laptop are a wonderful reminder too. I’m also inspired by the work of so many of my fellow bloggers. The artistry in others photos puts my selfies to shame, and I am being forced (ok, not quite forced, but you know what I mean) to up my game and get more creative, or mischievous. 

How do you decide  what to share, and why?

I can’t tell my story without including most of the gory details… but I will generally only share what is relevant, or if something that has happened o me may be of use to someone else to read. Not just the bad things that have happened in my life, but the accidents and taboos which may not be discussed openly. I was tasked to write by Sir, and now that he is away again I mainly write for me. But knowing that I have helped others with certain tricky situations makes sharing the gritty stuff worthwhile. If I am sharing about a person directly I will make sure they are anonymous, aside from initials. If I am allowed to link to their kinky social media then I know they enjoy the exposure. I have even shared a writing posted by a friend of mine on Fetlife. I find the #SOSS idea to be wonderful too. Not only does it add meaning to my wanderings through the reader, but it gives something back to the sex blogging community which I have found to be so welcoming and inclusive. I also get immense pleasure from sharing the monthly elust publication. I have been submitting my writing for a number of months now, but this month I was delighted to have my image chosen for the header.

I hope this has given you a little insight into my world. It has certainly been a great way to reflect on why I share and how I am inspired. I’m looking forward to the next phase of writing… Changes are afoot!


Have a look at what others are saying about these questions at:


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Happiness is only real when shared.

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It has been a few weeks since my last #SOSS as life has been tipped upside down with the school holidays.

For me the chaos is set to continue into the new term, but I am trusting my ability to sail through the fog and having the physical time to return to my blogging routine is helping to ground me, keep me positive and maintain some focus on the bigger picture!

I have been trying to keep track of my reader, but there has barely been a moment. Now I have a chance to sit with some funky tunes and a cup of tea I have put together a small collection of pieces I have enjoyed since my last post rather than just the last week. 

My Controlled Ascent is a blog that continues to draw me in. Kisungura has started a collection of writings called Kis’s Kinks and her take on gentle breath play was a wonderfully relate-able read for me. The more of her posts I read the more I want to enjoy, and with the new school term starting I see that I am going to have a little more time to do so.

I find myself reading through review pages more and more. I have a few toys that I would love to buy and am looking out for mind-blowing reviews to help me find the right toy. Emmeline Peaches Reviews is one such blogger whose honest style I enjoy. This week I followed the link in my email to Embracing Sex Toys As A Woman. I saw the title and pounced on it. What more could I learn about embracing my not-so-secret love? It didn’t give me any further excuses to buy toys (not that I need a reason!) What it did give me is an insight into how my friends feel when I link arms and suggest we go to an adult store. If you are nervous about sex toys then this is a great read, you are not alone! If you have been growing a collection since before you left school and don’t understand why others worry then this is great for you too!!

Collaboration from Pieces of Jade brings together a list of many of the popular memes, but also highlights how important the meme that she hosts is to her. As an exhibitionist and explorer The Scavenger Hunt is one that I have just begun to take part in. It makes me smile to see other people with a similar attitude to myself, taking exposed pictures in random places. I, for one, would love to enjoy more people’s kinky explorations!

One of my wonderful friends posted his first writing for a very long time on fetlife. In his writing TRUST and the catharsis of tears Slave-lytton talked about his struggles with trusting others, and added a fresh understanding of trust and what it means. Not only to my dear friend but to myself as well. I wonder how many of you can relate? If you are on Fetlife I highly recommend more of his writings, he has a way of capturing moments.

A blog I have been following for a little while now is No Pants Endurance. A man after my own heart he is an endurance athlete with an exhibitionist streak. There have been so many posts I have salivated over  enjoyed reading, and a post from this week Cornography tickled me. He is ticking off Scavenger hunt locations at an enviable rate… I must get going!!

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Happiness is only real when shared was first published on A Leap of Faith.

Double trouble for #SOSS

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Last week my time slipped away so this weeks #SOSS post is two weeks rolled into one.

This week saw Elust 108  being released. If you haven’t heard of Elust before go and have a look at their blog. Each month sex bloggers submit their favourite posts and these are compiled into a monthly edition of Elust. There are so many exciting posts to read.

I spotted the Godemiche birthday sale a couple of weeks ago and may have invested in some new equipment for my toy box; SO EXCITED!!! I enjoy their videos on YouTube and their recent addition “Beginners guide to Douching/enema” was a fact filled introduction. I’ve been cleansing for nearly four years now, with mixed success, and learnt some interesting new facts to do with the process. I think it is a definite must for all those new to, or nervous about, anal play.

Submiss34f is a wonderful place to while away an hour or so. I love her pictures, but also the humility with which she posts. B is for bar is the post I was originally going to share, a picture she took long ago and that she loves but can see flaws in. Then my week rolled over, and contemplation arrived in my reader. I couldn’t decide between the two so thought I would share both for the double. This is just the tip of the iceberg though…

Submissy often makes me smile, and this week was no exception. Fire and heat is such a candid view of her need, a window into her relationship with HisLordship. The way that I can cycle through intense need and desire is something I was discussing with a fellow submissive last week. He said how hard it is when, through no fault of theirs, that desire isn’t met by D side of the relationship.

A kinky autistic is a blog that popped up this week. My eldest son has a diagnosis of autism and sensory issues so, obviously, I was scanning WordPress for some ideas to help him out. It seems that reader is aware of my likes and sensory sensitivities, sex and SM was suggested for me. Now, this isn’t exactly what I was looking for, and not immediately relevant for a 10-year-old boy. But as always there is a crossover, and I was able to extract some interesting points for my child. She posted this back in May, but I only found it this week.

Hannah Likes Dirty Words is a come back to regularly. She writes some smutty filth (or should that be filthy smut?) and I look forward to her posts in my reader. A girl on a bench, her submission for this weeks Masturbation Monday,  was particularly relatable for me.

A barefoot girl on a bench.
A barefoot girl on a bench.Urbstract Photography

Double trouble for #SOSS was originally posted on A leap of faith.

My fourth Scavenger hunt location.

Scavenger hunt silver.gif

#SOSS: Sharing the love.

sharing is caringThis week has been an interesting one for me.

Starting the week with some exciting (for Sir) but sad (for me) news, realising something so glaringly obvious that I can’t believe it took four years to understand and running more miles than I have clocked in a number of years, all in an effort to make sense of it all. Throughout the week I have been pleased with myself for reaching out to my friends, but sometimes quiet contemplation and curling up with a blog post or two has been wonderful as well. I love briefly slipping into other people’s worlds, whether they are writing fantasy or reality, or sharing pictures.

With that in mind, here are my top posts for the week.

I found Sensing submission midweek, I think via Twitter. Her posts are candid and well written, but Bukkake Madness, in particular, made me smile.

A fraud, from Marie Rebelle didn’t make me smile, not in the traditional sense anyway. It served to remind me that even the people who appear to have it all under wraps often don’t. I have included her here because her words had a profound effect on my week, even though my sadness came from a different place.

Scanderella is another new find for me this week. A surprise attack brought me back to my senses after spotting it in a tweet, so much love (should that be lust???) for this piece. But seriously, her writing is so steamy I even found her review for a penis masturbator had me drooling.

Domestic discipline, Jenny style has such an interesting life, I really enjoy reading all about her relationships, especially as her poly experiences are expanding. This week I read this post about what happens when the Dom goes away. A great insight into how her particular brand of poly looks, educational and informative as well as erotically charged.

I have been following Photo Stephi for quite some time now. The pictures that are shared there are so tasteful and elegant. Not smutty at all, which is slightly out of line with my usual preferences, but they are so, so beautiful, and this week they have been incredibly busy adding new collections that have caught my eye I couldn’t help myself anymore.

gray ceramic mug with pink beverage
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Look what I found! #SOSS

sharing is caring

What a week mine has been. Full of surprises, and unexpected kindness from strangers. With drama and stress surrounding my blog (or sudden lack thereof) it was suggested that I talk to @DomSigns I never expected such kindness and patience, but he showed both and more besides. Not only was his 1-1 guidance great, his  #techdaddythursday    post had the same easy to follow style. So, if you’re on twitter, go and check him out. And if you’re not sign up, and then go and check him out.

Tits and Test Tubes caught my attention with her masturbation monday post sleeper train slut. Her words conjured up so many delicious images in my mind, but this sentence brought a particularly slutty grin to my lips:

 I’m always excited when I can hear a small queue of visitors waiting patiently and somewhat sheepishly in the narrow corridor outside my cabin.

Nijntje and the Bear posted redemption is submission. I found it incredibly moving, and though this may not be her usual type of post (she popped a disclaimer at the bottom) but I wonder how many of us can relate to this in to some extent?

As someone who has particularly struggled with confidence in my breasts it was with great excitement that I joined in with  Friday is Boobday yesterday. I was particularly taken with Pieces of Jade’s post. Her beautiful smile and gentle confidence ooze sex appeal, particularly when her cleavage is on display too.

And now I am entering the weekend with a spot of edging, which ties in with a site called Edging Space I wanted to share this week. Good fuck toys stay wet is just one of a whole host of posts shared on this site, and I shall be visiting regularly to see what else comes up.



Returning to #SOSS

sharing is caring

Due to a family bereavement my blog has taken somewhat of a back seat over the last couple of weeks. I’ve still been here though, enjoying the words and images from around the kinky blogging community. Here is my little thank you for making the last week a bit more smiley.

My post uploaded on monday was my first visit to Masturbation Monday and Teacher’s Pet really put a smile on my face. I could quite happily have been her. This was just one of the wonderful posts this week.

Nero speaks and when he does he also puts a smile on my face. I say smile, more lascivious grin! Have a look at his Wicked Wednesday post “saturday sizzle” and see what you think.

Essence #116 is one of a series of beautiful poems from In10nse but this one made my skin tingle as while I read the words I was taken to my favourite scent of all.

And I am still working my way through the content from this months Elust-107.Next month I may well share something myself, but for now I am content enjoying all of the posts from the talented writers involved.

Finally for my picture choice. Modesty Ablaze always makes my week brighter with her #sinfulsunday additions and #boobday Friday.  seems to be no exception.



Third time’s the charm: #SOSS

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I have had a really manic week for so many reasons, but have managed to keep half an eye on my blog and the wonderful posts that pop up in my reader. 

I had been a little worried about Curious Clitty, she had been a very regular writer and I missed her posts. This week she made a return with a post which made me stop and think. I think we are all evolving constantly, and while I am entirely submissive with Sir in other parts of my life I can very much identify with CC’s words.

In TMI Tuesday this week the first question was about feminization. It isn’t something that works for me, but I do enjoy learning what makes other people tick and Porn Girl must have read my mind! She sheds some light onto what she enjoys about it, and although I never thought there was anything wrong with it I can now appreciate feminization from a different perspective.

Dayliacatt is a blog that I like to keep up with and yesterday she did not disappoint. I loved the pictures, and reading the post I could almost feel the lesson being learned!

I like to read poetry as well, and sometimes get a little emotional if it hits home. I love time spent in my own company, and with groups of friends, but it has been a long time since I have felt lonely in a way that hurts my soul. For me Scarlett A. Rhiannon sums it up perfectly, and I may have had wet eyes after reading.

This image  from submiss34f really captured my attention. She has some other wonderful images too, I recommend anyone to pop over and give her a peek.

Time to… #SOSS

sharing is caring

This week has been a bit hectic, but I have found the time to relax with some of these great writings. I really love the diversity of kinky bloggers and their posts.

When this popped into my reader from The Social Butterfly I knew it would have to go in this weeks finds. Among all of the kinky posts written by the sex blogging community it is nice to be reminded that we are all just people, trying to do our best in an unforgiving world.

A second reminder that kink and vanilla worlds collide comes from Ninjte and Bear. I really enjoy Ninjte’s writings because she has such a strong head on her shoulders and lays the battle out for all to see. This post is worth a read for any strong-willed submissive who struggles with letting go of certain duties in their life, a great lesson for many of us I think.

Spanksalot posted an interesting article on the strap vs the cane. I love both, with a preference to straps so found it fascinating to read a disciplinarians view on both implements. Plus…the photographs… Pretty!!

And In10se has some amazing writing. A couple caught my eye this week, but A sticky situation really hit the spot for me.

I love photographs of unsuspecting models and this image posted by Nookyeverafter for #sinfulsunday ticks a lot of boxes for me.

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