Caught in the lens

Woman in a vest top wearing a teal rope chest harness and black rope wraps around her thighs. Her long brown hair has fallen in front of her face as she concentrates on tying herself up. Fully relaxed her overweight belly rolls are quite pronounced as she is caught on camera.

Caught on camera, mid tie…

November 2017 saw me at the start of my weight loss. I had also just learnt about an app called whistlecam, recommended by my rope hero and friend to take difficult shots when I am otherwise occupied. Perfect!

Or not… What I hadn’t realised was that my text tone would set the shutter off at my least photogenic moment. I quickly averted my eyes, disgusted at my body and how I had let myself become. Focusing instead on the flying woman in the next (planned) photo.

Moving on to November 2018 I was reminded (by google photos) that I had this picture. It was a strong reminder of how much I had/have changed. Oddly, though I see the rolls what I notice more is my confident hands. I know what came next and I don’t know many people who can suspend themselves quickly, safely and securely.

18 months later the prompt for May’s Sinful Sunday is An Outtake Picture. I’m so proud to share this picture.

Rope doesn’t discriminate on size. Go and get yourself caught.

Sinful Sunday
Caught in the lens was first published on A Leap of Faith


Relaxing in rubber.

Relaxing and rubber were two words that a year ago wouldn’t have sounded right together.

It’s odd how in a year I’ve changed from being minutely curious about latex and a little scared, to missing it and my time spent relaxing in rubber.

It’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed any rubbery play time, either alone or with MrLatex. I’ve been looking through my pictures and found one that instantly made me want to play. (if only I weren’t staying with family away from home) It’s from the same play session as this one but shows a different side to me.

The side that loves to suck cock!

Particularly when that cock is straining for release due to the excitement of a new smokey black opaque catsuit.

Sinful Sunday

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge

Peeking sinfully


A derelict train station building in the middle of a leafy green scene. Peeking sinfully out of the doorway is a naked lady wearing a black latex hood with red trim around her eyes.

I’ve just clicked submit on my penultimate essay for the module and realised I still have time to share some mischief for sinful sunday.

This picture definitely reflects the way I feel this evening.

Like I am peeking out of the shadows and feeling playful.

Good luck world!

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Sinful Sunday
Peeking Sinfully was originally posted on A Leap of Faith.

Despite the forecast live like it’s spring.

Photo credit to Urbstract Photography.

Today the sun was shining and my thoughts turned to spring.

The sun was shining and the sea looked so inviting as I ran along beside it. The cheeky wind reminding me that although spring is technically here, it is still in its infancy. Patience is required,though the daffodils and celendines danced in the gusting sea breeze.

The above photo was taken last may, when the sun shone and I walked naked beside the river.

A very public show of myself, and the first time I had braved naked nature with another person. The weather was perfect, I’m looking forward to feeling the warm breeze on my naked flesh again. I wonder what images I can create this spring? What words can be laced together with those images.

How different I am: physically and emotionally, as well as creatively.

Sinful Sunday


A Sinful Tease


While trawling through my albums for my #Boobday entry I stumbled across this image, taken for a friend of mine because, well, I’m an occasional tease.

With all of the over-indulgence of Christmas and the approaching new year celebrations I thought this was a fitting, low key image for this week’s Sinful Sunday.

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Sinful Sunday


A Sinful Tease was first published on A Leap of Faith.

Sinful spoons

Time to manage my spoons.

It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone wants one of my spoons!

Just over a year ago I learnt of the Spoons Theory. It has been suggested that each of us has a certain amount of spoons each morning when we wake up, and over the course of the day we use those spoons to stir different pots, until they run out. Sometimes we can borrow from the following day but… that leaves us with less spoons for the following days pots. My understanding is that when I am struggling with my depression I have less spoons, so can stir less pots. Constantly borrowing from the next day leaves me in a bit of a muddle until I run out completely and everything comes crashing down around me.

And at this time of year there are a lot of pots that need stirring!!

Much earlier this year I was able to change my thinking on spoons a little bit. A friend shared a ted talk (my first ever) and I then went on a binge, stumbling across Sarah Knight and The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. I have had a number of breakthrough moments this year, where I have learnt to manage my life and depression, and her idea on a fuck budget has helped me use my spoons effectively, while still being a decent human being.

So Christmas…

I don’t celebrate christmas for me, I do it for my children. But I am learning to use my spoons carefully to keep them happy and myself well.

My gift to you:

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Sinful Sunday
Sinful spoons was first published on A Leap of Faith.

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