Reflections Of A Pain Monkey

Reflections of my legs in the mirror, complete with marks from kneeling on Lego.

Reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of “beauty.”

~ Erin Laurence

Sit with me a while, take a look in the mirror, see the reflections. What do they say to you? All opinions welcome. Pop them in the comments…

Let me tell you what I see, and we can compare notes, I’m curious to learn what others see…

I think they are beautiful, the marks on my shins. A visual representation of self-care. Kneeling on a blanket of Lego while folding laundry, the perfect end to a week where one particular nerve has been hit multiple times. It’s been a while since I’ve indulged my masochistic needs and, well, I’d forgotten how delicious well-managed indulgence can be.

With each item of clothing that I folded the endorphins crashed through me. Trembling hands and a big grin giving away my delight at this return to self-torture. Fifteen minutes was my time goal, folding taking a mere eleven minutes and thirty six seconds. I then creased up into a ball and leant on my thighs, rocking forward so that the brightly coloured, evil bricks could work their magic.

And when my time was up, the fun wasn’t over. Trying to guess which pieces had caused the marks I scampered off to my bedroom mirror, admired my shins, poked, prodded, grinned some more. In fact, I was grinning all the way to sleep.

Even though the reflections in my mirror this morning show fresh flesh, I can still feel the energy fizzing away beneath my skin. Still grin at the memory of last night. And then my mind gets on to what I might do next and the grin spreads even wider.

Sinful Sunday

Thanks to the June prompt for Sinful Sunday, which is Mirror. This provided great motivation for my reflections.

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  1. Oh lovely … I’d never thought of using such delightful implements!
    All of our “building blocks” have long since gone, but I’ll have to get thinking for something similar next time I require Subby1 to kneel before me!!!

    Xxx – K

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