A Nipple And Dreams Of Piss.

Pouring lager onto my nipple scratched the piss craving.

Someone had a bit of a day yesterday. Not a bad day. In fact it was largely a good day! But events transpired and the calm sequence of events she had been expecting were somewhat trickier to navigate. Someone wanted to hide in her submission yesterday. Or rather, in her kinks. The idea of each nipple.being covered in piss, of being made to drink a glass full of warm, acrid piss… That idea hit the spot. Little piss breath to the front of the queue.

And then I saw a GIF from CC, she’d popped into my WhatsApp much earlier in the day with an homage to our “boobs for wellbeing” mentality. Watching it for the dozenth time (is that even a word?) I realised I hadn’t celebrated boobs, specifically my own, for quite some time.

A boobs and “piss” plan was forming.

OK, on parenting duty, pouring piss all over myself was not going to happen. But… rummaging round in my fridge… I have lager!

Standing topless in my kitchen, I cracked the tin open and poured the chilled, bubbly piss-esque liquid onto my nipple. From there it trailed into my waiting glass. By the time I had filled the glass I was giggling. The ridiculousness of replacing warm nectar with ice cold bubbles caught up with me.

Later, sipping from my glass, the youngest cane down from his room. Asks “why are you drinking a glass of wee?” (I should add that I was all clean and dressed by this point!)

Well, that made me roar with laughter. I needn’t have bothered going down the civilised route – if you can call lager civilised? Should have just gone for a piss in a jug and poured the warm, acrid liquid over my nipple and into a glass. If the smallest member of the house couldn’t tell the difference…

Anyway, moving online!

I’m proud to say I’ve given a nod a to my fetishes. Life is full, but that desire to be a human urinal is strong, after all! And I’d ironed out the kinks of a confusing day, enjoyed a grown up drink (or most of one anyway) and I’d thoroughly cleaned the kitchen. Well, my nipple didn’t help get the piss lager into the glass!

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