Elust 173 – May 2024

Thank you Oz, for putting together Elust 173, and to Zara Du Rose for the cover image. The posts I have enjoyed so far (over coffee yesterday morning) have been incredibly hot. Certainly too hot for the cafe I was sitting in. So I thought I’d save the rest (and myself) for the sofa this afternoon. Which is where I am, mug of tea in one hand, and a new review product by the other. Just in cases!

Now then, are you sitting comfortably? Then let me hand over to Oz…

Elust is the only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions, it’ll be here at Elust. If you have a post included in Elust 173, please re-post the latest edition on your own blog, ideally with your own unique comments next to each link, or a paragraph for each category and/or write your own introduction. For SEO purposes, non-identical re-posts of Elust are much better for search ranking, and it’s more appealing for readers. Here’s an example of Elust 172 with a unique introduction and comments next to the links. I’m currently cycle touring around Somerset, Devon and Cornwall so Elust 173 has been a tricky edition to compile on my phone, with intermittent data coverage compared to at home I usually put Elust together on my laptop with dual monitors and my mouse. Please let me know if I missed anyone out or if there are duplicates or broken links etc.



Erotic Fiction

Ramone Quides Eggs and Cream. A sweet, romantic story from Ramon this month. Oh, and it’s devilishly sexy too.

For Your Heart Only The Shower. I never considered myself much of a gym bunny, let alone an early morning one. Perhaps I’ve been getting it all wrong?

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Carrie Young on The Joys of Erotic Humiliation. I’m a big fan of the feelings humiliation elicits in me. Sadly, it’s really, really hard to humiliate me, perhaps this piece would have some great tips for a future Dominant lover to make me blush!

Jasmine Gold Turnabout is Fair Play Learning trust within a relationship is a two-way thing, as Jasmine Gold shows us in this sexy short story.

Jerusalem Mortimer’s Bedroom Eyes 35 sees Jaime and Maires teach their toy something new.

Sex Work

Want to know How to Build a Website? Sex Worker Search has written this quick, easy to understand guide on this exact subject.

No matter your career path it’s important to have a deep understanding of just what is involved. The Disorderly House share How To Be An Escort The Right Way & Have A Thrilling Career.

The Silky Masseuse’s Mastering the Art of Boundaries: A Pleasure Provider’s Guide is not only sage advice for escorts. There is something in here that could be helpful to anyone that struggles with boundaries.

Beyond Non Binary Being a client with a professional sex worker, and the inherent balance of power. Femina Viva always writes such beautiful, insightful pieces. This is no exception. I can’t do it justice I’m afraid, you’ll just have to go and have a read.

Oz Bigdownunder Sexual Equanimity by Podopheleus. If I wasn’t already tempted this line would have suckered me in: “Themes of mental health, self-discovery, and kink are presented in a unique and compelling way.”

Product Reviews

Morgan Destera TOY TEST – Funzze Orgasm Monster Pro. I enjoyed the Orgasm Monster but have often wondered if I made the right choice. This review suggests that yes, I certainly did.

the barefoot sub The (Bestvibe) Phoenix Rises: Thrusting Vibe. You need to go and read this now, and buy one of your own. It’s a winner for me!

Tiger Lily Kiiroo PowerBlow Review: The Ultimate Blowjob Simulator. An in-depth review of a powerful new toy.

Sydney Screams NS Novelties Inya Grinder Vibrating Grind Pad Review. I love this introduction to Grind pads, and Sydney’s down to earth thoughts on this particular offering.

Betty’s Toy Box Squirting Fantasy Dildos : Centaur and Phoenix Are Ready for Your Next Role Play. As luck would have it, my one and only squirting dildo is from Betty’s Toy Box. Looking at these two sexy toys I wonder if I need to upgrade my fantasies!

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

N Likes I don’t really like fucking. A touching read, one that has caused me to think on my own relationship with fucking.

Body Talk and Sexual Health

LA Jayne The Origin of Pain. Huge thanks go to LA Jayne for writing this post. Women’s sexual health is a confusing mess and it s easy to feel freakish with our conditions. Conditions that are, might I add, a normal occurrence for our silly bodies, and they deserve more open discussion, not to mention much more research.

Girl on the Net Sensitivity Training: Sexual Feedback for Shy People. When GOTN says she “can focus on the things that are bringing me most joy right now: the small but powerfully intimate details that stand out from each fuck” I know I’m in for a treat. This post may not be her traditional wild triste, but it is no less of a one handed read. Mind you, I find micro-communications sexy as F…

State of the World

Hannah McKnight Everybody Knows. I’ve been following Hannah’s blog for some time now and I love her candid discussions around being transgender, how life is for her and her fellow MN T-girls. This post highlights her feelings towards others who treat her with dignity and respect.

Erotic Non-Fiction

The Big Gay Review Sexy Thoughts #20: Reflection. There is something special about wanking in front of a mirror. For me it is mildly humiliating, with a hefty dose of erotic imaginings about being watched by “others”. (Yes, even if the only “other” is me in the reflection.) Over on The Big Gay Review, mirror masturbation has been about self acceptance and learning to love the body he is in. So much love for this!

Elust Sex Blogs

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