Shadows And The Power Of Choice

Crawling naked through light and shadows.

Special thanks to Dark Lion for creating such amazing photography, with low lights and dark shadows.

Because you are women, people will force their thinking on you, their boundaries on you. They will tell you how to dress, how to behave, who you can meet and where you can go. Don’t live in the shadows of people’s judgement. Make your own choices in the light of your own wisdom.

Amitabh Bachchan

The shadows are a delightful place to lurk, so long as it’s my choice to be there. I found great joy in being asked to dress a specific way, how to behave in certain situations and what kind of play with others I was allowed. But only under S, a man who built me up and empowered me to greater things. He always showed me he had a firm hold of the torch for me. That the batteries were full. I couldn’t help but choose submission under Him.

In other times of life I have been kicked into the shadows, told what not to wear, belittled and degraded. Made to feel less than. By those who told me they accepted my kinks, embraced them initially, then judged me. Snuffed the candle in my soul.

I’m not less than, and my torch is bright! How could I not love to switch it off and crawl in the dark.

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