The (Bestvibe) Phoenix Rises: Thrusting Vibe Review

The bestvibe Phoenix stuck to a wall using the suction cup.
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It’s quite beautiful, isn’t it? As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it. I didn’t want to just imagine the knotted, textured thrusting vibe fucking me. Oh no, I wanted to feel it. So when the team at Bestvibe offered me the chance to review the Phoenix I would have been a fool to say no.

It arrived in the standard plain packaging and black, generic box. Inside, the Phoenix was inside a hygiene bag, the tip mounted in a protective cardboard support as is usual per bestvibe delivery. The remote control is battery operated, included in my package, while the vibrator itself comes with a USB charger. With a predicted two hour charge time I was hopeful the forty five minutes of play would be worth it.

Charging the Phoenix via a USB cable port in the base

Taking a closer look at the Phoenix.

From it’s suction base – measuring almost 10cm across – to the tip, the length is 27cm. Impressive rather than intimidating, when you consider the knotted, textured shaft. The insertible length is almost 25cm, with a thrust depth of 2cm. For the review I tested vaginally, and so have only explored as far as the knot. Grinding on that when I reach full depth. But the 14cm bulbous, textured top half of the shaft is marvellous! The ridges offering sensory feedback to my grasping vaginal walls.

Poured from soft silicone, the material is something of a dust magnet. But a quick clean before (and a thorough one after) each use is all you need. The grippy surface does mean that I use a water-based lube, regardless of my personal slickness.

The knot, which is just over 20cm around at full girth, really benefits from the squidgy material. When I squeeze it, the material yields to, but pushes back against, my grip. I can imagine, when I’m ready to play anally, I’ll have a much easier time accepting the knot and taking the full length.

I’d love to hear how anyone gets on if they try it this way!

Holding the Bestvibe Phoenix in my hand, the knot is almost too girthy for my hand.

There are seven patterns for each function – the vibrations and the thrust. I received a video of the Phoenix thrusting before my contact at Bestvibe sent the vibrator out for review. It appeared manic in the clip and made me giggle. But unlike the manic, speedy vibration of my most recent Bestvibe review, this one was slower. More a loping, swing of a thrust than a woodpecker attacking a tree trunk.

The effect it has on me is quite spectacular. Whether on its own or paired with my Doxy. (Or my upcoming product review – watch this space.) Good job it is rated IPX6, isn’t it?!

Did Bestvibe or, more to the point, the Phoenix blow me away during my review? Or was I left as a little pile of ashes – dry and dusty?

The simplest way to answer this is to share how it became such an established part of my collection. How it comes out to play whenever I’ve the opportunity to fuck myself. That any time the battery shows signs of running down I immediately wash, dry and charge my new buddy.

For me, the texture, size and patterns all work really well. And I mean flood warning levels of working really well. Personal preferences play a big part, obviously, so lets look a little closer at this.

If you are looking for a straight-forward phallus, thrusting, vibrating, “natural” coloured, perhaps a slimmer vibrator, my recently reviewed vibrator may be a good option for you. Perhaps you like the idea of alternate shapes but dislike the colour, or the animal-esque design. If so try the Rattlesnake.

If, however you are looking for a brightly coloured, highly textured beast of a thrusting vibrator, with a lolloping thrust, and sensory feedback for all of your most intimate areas then I definitely think you need to give the Phoenix a ride. (But put down some towels first!!)

Fancy getting your hands on the Phoenix from Bestvibe after reading my review? It is currently available for £42.99 – which means free shipping! Enter code BAREFOOT at the checkout and you will receive a complimentary Triangle Cock Ring.


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