Airport Exposure With SWL

exposing my breasts at the airport on my way to Lanzarote.

So, I made a bit of a boob. Aside from my Boobday link ups, I haven’t shared since the end of February Photo Fest. Have I flown off on an adventure? Well no, not exactly that. Adventures a-plenty, but none involving flying. Not yet at least. So why am I sharing my breasts during an airport exposure?

If you remember, SWL and I went on a Christmas adventure to Lanzarote? We played in the crater of a Volcano, we admired the view at Salinas de Janubio, there was a vending machine filled with products that rivalled the UK offerings and SWL made sure I added a mile high photo to my Scavenger Hunt.

When it comes to high stakes exposure, the airport is certainly up there.

And the early hours of Christmas eve, when the whole world and his wife were making their way to sunnier climes, made for busy thoroughfares. When you add airport security into the mix of ethical exhibitionism the opportunity for exposure shrinks.

But while the volume of people made it tricky, and the cameras made for a pounding heart, there would surely be a window. Passengers came in waves, and while I “tied my boot” I kept an eye. SWL did too. I must have had the best tied boots on the planet by the time we had a matching clear view.

I couldn’t wish for a better wing girl when it comes to my Scavenger Hunt. We’ve bagged some extremely challenging locations. Shared lots of nervous/relieved/hysterical laughter over risky situations. And now I’m wondering where the Scavenger Hunt will take us next? If you have any suggestions then please let me know in the comments.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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  1. Well done for this!! I’ve just been through airports over the past week and found no opportunity whatsoever, either people or cameras were everywhere, so I’m super envious you managed it!

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