The Bodyscape King Returns

The Bodyscape King made a gorgeous image of my curves, stretch marks and caesarean scar.

Did you all know I paid a visit to Dark Lion Photography last month? If not, go and see the first photo I shared from that shoot. He truly is The Bodyscape King, and encourages anyone he meets to embrace their curves, scars and stretchmarks. Basically, encouraging everyone he meets to celebrate the parts of themselves that society dictates as “imperfections”.

For myself, a string of unfortunate events have led me to gain some weight. Life (and mental health) sometimes gets in the way of eating nutritious meals. Shifting hormone profiles lead to whacky appetites and cravings. And injuries lead to reduction in exercise-ability. What a cluster fuck?!

While I’m only concerned from a health perspective, there has been the opportunity to berate myself for increasing in girth, for softening around the middle. But I hadn’t quite gotten to the stage of being cruel to myself. Which is why my visit to The Bodyscape King was so well timed.

And why I would encourage anyone to book a shoot with him. While he and I work together as a creative team, he does offer studio sessions for customers. So if you are looking for a fun way to bolster your body confidence, and you’re able to visit the South-West UK, I’d definitely suggest you get in touch with him!

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February Photo Fest 2024

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  1. I love love love this image There’s so much to see and yet it seems so simple. But you get to witness a life lived in that short snap shot. Absolutely stunning!

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