Return Of The Milk Bath Goddess

milk bath goddess header shows naked lady in self bondage reclining in a milk bath.
Return of the Milk Bath Goddess

As it’s a leap year, and the 29th (today) falls on a Thursday, you get to enjoy another #ThrowbackThursday image. I’ve chosen to return to Milk bath Goddess.

Captured by Stutographer, on our first shoot, this is perhaps my favourite ever picture of me. A twitter pal made some tweaks to it and I shared to celebrate my fifth anniversary of blogging.

But I couldn’t resist the allure of the milk bath, the way it tattered the rope. I wanted to return to feeling like a Goddess.

Stutographer and I were due to shoot together at the beginning of February but train strikes meant we couldn’t get together. But there is another shoot in the offing, we have some fabulous ideas to work through. Perhaps they will be ready for next years photographic extravaganza!

Thank you for joining me for February Photo Fest, my fifth year of participating. I’ve had such a lovely time enjoying memories, and sharing the photographic triggers here. I wonder, will I manage to take part next year?

February Photo Fest 2024

Returning for another year, welcome to my fifth February PhotoFest effort. If you would like, follow the links to explore past years:

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