Me With Bunny At Twisted Boudoir

Me, rocking Bunny in my rope at the end of a great night at Twisted Boudoir

Firstly I’d like to apologise for sharing a screen grab in my February Photo Fest. It feels a little like cheating when there is so much beautiful photography in the world. However, there are certain moments that it is impossible to capture on camera. Moments like this one, where Bunny, bound in a simple tie, is being manipulated into a wide stance, rocked back into me, and put on display at Twisted Boudoir.

Had I been putting her on display to a group of people, or even just a photographer, there would have been awkwardness. Neither of us would have been as relaxed, and the ever gorgeous Bunny would likely have felt self-conscious. Yes, we all struggle at times and in certain situations, and I didn’t want to ruin her headspace.

The video that this is taken from still takes my breath away.

I won’t be sharing as both of our faces are clearly visible throughout, but know that there was a lot of peaceful smiling. Here, Bunny has just had her legs pulled wide, the tension yet to leave her face, but she soon giggled and relaxed into me and the cradle my body made. As for me, I’m concentrating on getting her spread just wide enough without being too wide. My face cracked into a big grin when I heard the giggle-sigh of the perfect stretch.

I think this was the last time we tied together.

Me tying Bunny, simply and effectively, at the end of another long and playful night at Twisted Boudoir. Arriving together, playing with other friends before joining forces for some quiet time. All too soon it was time to return home.

February Photo Fest 2024

Returning for another year, welcome to my fifth February PhotoFest effort. If you would like, follow the links to explore past years:


  1. The spread reveals the hidden beauty to all and enjoyed by both men and women. When I did it for the first time it did give me a brief WTF pause. However quickly that rush hits you and and its addicitve and you realize it’s not going to be your first time.

    Ms. K

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