Galentine’s Day

Galentine's day header shows black and white image of me with SWL, both with laced up needle corsets on our breasts.

OK, so I now know that I’m a day late celebrating Galentine’s, but when I was ten days late celebrating Christmas with my children I ask – what is a day between friends? So today I’m closing Fotos With Friends week with a photo of me with the ever patient SWL. I’m still not sure that I need to label a day to celebrate the fierce friendships I have in my world, but the bandwagon is for jumping on!

Certainly my emails are lit up with suggestions I “Give my bestie the gift of Orgasms this Galentine’s day”.

Or suggesting I buy her X lube, or Y toy. (You won’t be surprised to know that I do this anyway.)

But as I really wanted love to know when Galentine’s Day became a thing I’ve had a root around on the internet. YourDictionary tells me the character Leslie Knope kicked things off in 2010 with “Ladies celebrating ladies.” As, while Valentine’s Day is supposed to celebrate all kinds of love, it is most closely associated with romantic love and over-priced Roses.

(I’m not salty. I got a lovely V-Day message this morning. I’m just a sucker for friends too.)

The gender neutral version Palentine’s Day would sit easier with me. And I’m a little fed up with the “name a day, commercialise that day” routine that keeps happening. However, I am never going to be against finding an excuse to celebrate my long suffering friends. Especially when they have cracking tits and let me do mean things to them!

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