Blowing Raspberries On A Bound Bottom

Black and white photo of me blowing raspberries on Coco's bottom when she is bound at Twisted Boudoir

Just like yesterday I’m sharing a screengrab from a video I made at Twisted Boudoir. Unlike yesterday, when Bunny and I were looking very serious, I can still hear the shrieks of laughter coming from Coco. Why on earth is she laughing? It looks very much like I’m rimming her, certainly no laughing matter. By now, you should know better than to expect anything less than the ridiculous in my light hearted posts. Plus, I rarely show sexually explicit images here. I’m actually midway through blowing raspberries on Coco’s bare bottom, her tightly bound in one of my favourite rope hugs.

Once she was secure I rolled her over, tied in her toes, tipping her off balance. Next I set to work making crude sounds erupt from her bottom! The filthy laugh that came out of her mouth as I did so was such a delight. Our mischief caught the attention of Twisted Boudoir‘s host and Master of Operations. He came to watch and laugh, generally delighting in our raucous behaviour.

There is so much more to this play scene, our first (and so far – only) time tying together. It won’t be our last, I know that for certain. She is far too good at polishing latex and so joyful in her love of the absurd! Aside from that, there’s a shortage of lovely locals who will let me get blowing Raspberries on their bound bottom.

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