Curves – Where I’m At Right Now.

Low key image of my belly curves and boobs.
Photography: Dark Lion Photography

For Sinful Sunday this week I wanted to share my curves – belly, thighs, boobs… the lot! Not for any reason other than to document where I am at the moment. So that I can see my curves at their curviest, and celebrate the sexy woman I am right now.

As I have said repeatedly (here and in real life) I don’t see myself.

Nor do I set new years resolutions. However, I do feel myself, and when I feel something is out of whack I make a plan to fix things wherever possible. It just so happened that I started to FEEL the pressing need to change my routine shortly before Christmas. And at the moment my curves feel uncomfortable. I feel sluggish and lacking in vivacity. My body feels less than healthy. There are reasons for the change in health status, though I’m not a fan of excuses.

I am carrying an injury that prevents running, running is not only good for my physical health, it is an essential part of my mental health toolkit. And while my depression is holding up to the overwhelm that threatens me regularly, this sometimes means I make less than desirable choices where fuelling my body is concerned. And that’s the thing, the responsibility is all mine. Maybe I am a victim of certain circumstances, but ultimately I made the choice to eat things I know don’t give me the most energy. And I loved every single slice of cake or biscuit or sneaked Chicken Nugget that I have eaten, but moderation is key in all things and I did not exercise restraint.

In short, I’ve not been kind to my body for about six months. The result: I’ve some sexy, if uncomfortable, curves.

Last week I had a shoot with the photographic genius that is Dark Lion. We have worked together a number of times now, each time we have a huge portfolio of images. Some of these I’ve shared here previously here. He and I are in agreement – stretch marks, curves and the scars of life are beautiful. They need capturing and sharing by those brave enough to lock eyes with societies cruel gaze. We chose postures and angles to highlight my “imperfections”, rather than trying to hide them.

For each person like me, that feels beautiful with (or without) curves, there are at least a dozen (conservative guesstimate) who beat themselves up over their body. This need to fit the mould, it’s not gender specific. It’s not certainly not just exclusively middle-aged women who degrade themselves for having back fat, tummy rolls, thighs that chafe. But as this is the category I stand in, perhaps that is the flag I am flying. If you’d like to share your “where I’m at right now” photo on my blog, please do get in touch.

I love guest posts, and would love to celebrate with you here.

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  1. LOVE your photo … and LOVE your post because I agree with so much of what you are saying in it.

    Xxx – K

  2. Yes I can totally relate. It it constant work to love my body which I will admit has got more challenging with age. Sadly ageing is somewhat brutal on the physical self and therefore on the mental self too. For me taking my self portraits continues to be the most successful way to see my body in a way that is not negative and to embrace it as it is today


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