Christmas Baubles For BoobDay

Christmas BoobDay Baubles
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Did somebody say it’s time to hang my Christmas baubles? OK, it’s Christmas eve so perhaps I should have hung them a while ago, but – you know me… I take a while to get in the spirit of things. When you see this, I’ll be in a far off land with SWL, capping off the year that was.

For us both 2023 has been complicated and distressing at times.

But we have both had some fabulous times, together and apart. One of our most recent separate experiences was accidentally enjoyed together. You see, for my birthday I was gifted a glass blowing workshop, to make a pair of Christmas baubles. SWL had also booked in to the course on a different weekend, but ended up needing to reschedule. Was slotted in to the time before mine. So we both found ourselves at Teign valley Glass, blowing through a long tube, and making our own dangly ornaments.

Mine were slightly less spherical than your standard, shop-bought baubles, something to do with the Christmas colours heating differently. But I rather like them as they are. Their differences make for a quirky conversation piece.

Their wonky shape a good reminder that things don’t need to be “perfect” to be beautiful.

It makes sense to share my lumpy baubles for my Christmas BoobDay offering. It’s been a bit of a year for me and my self-boob-love. But my Christmas gift to all the breast owners (that read this) for 2023 is this reminder – Your boobs are beautiful too. Whether you know you have cracking tits or you require a little more reassurance that you’re worthy of appreciation.

Merry Christmas, to you and your baubles… I mean boobs!

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