Birthday Boobs – Belated Celebrations

Birthday Boobs framed by a rope harness and a leather jacket

Did you know, November is my birthday month? Well, I’m a little late to my own party! It wouldn’t be my birthday without boobs featuring somewhere. However, this year I slept through much of it, and the surrounding days. Must have been needed, this aging process is exhausting! (Either that or I’ve been ill.) So this is an extension of celebrations now I’m on the mend.

What better way to do that than to tie myself up!

Rope really is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only has it been a while, I also love getting creative, and I very much needed a (rope) hug… It was a no brainer for me. With a couple of ideas to work around, I headed to YouTube for a new chest harness. Rory’s Brainworks had just what I wanted, the chest compression harness was pretty but also added a layer of yum. Yum I’ve not generally found in self-tie-able chest harnesses (that aren’t intended for suspension.)

The harness, in case you’re wondering, is great. However, I found the sections that got locked off early on became baggy as I continued the tie. Is this because I was self tying with a dodgy arm? Maybe. I guess I’ll need a willing bunny or two to test my tying on…

Slinging on my Leather jacket, to fit with the theme for Self-Tie Tuesday this week was Skin, Scales And Fur. Can’t help but think I look kind of classy in this photo, perhaps this is what 41 has in store?

The rope has helped immensely, both last week with 1001011 and yesterday with myself.

So I can get back to enjoying my favourite month. Nope. It’s not the best month because it includes my birthday, nor because it’s a great excuse to share my boobs. (I’m a bit rubbish at remembering to celebrate in all honesty. My children complain that they can’t remember the actual date because I don’t make a fuss. Unlike their other parent.)

It’s the best month because of the colours on the trees, wild autumn storms, mud, the crisp air creeping in. And the (relative) calm before the Christmas season kicks my ass…

However, November is the only month of the year I can justify taking a week to subsist on cake. AND it’s the only month I can use the excuse of my birthday to share my boobs, even if I am a little belated in doing so.

Not that I generally need an excuse but… It is fun to lay the blame for sharing my boobs on my birthday, rather than my exhibitionism.

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