Halloween Inspired Fun In Bondage

Photo, inspired by halloween, of me having fun swinging around in rope, dressed up as a Pumpkin

This time last year 1001011 got together for a pre Halloween rope session; inspired to create a photo of me dressed as a Pumpkin we settled down for an evening of ropey fun!

A little while ago, I was chatting about the picture I shared last year. I was asked if the tie had been specifically for the photo. You see, in The Great Pumpkin Rises I’m a coquettish flying pumpkin. The apparent goal for our rope play, outcome achieved, mission accomplished – one photo for the blog!

I agreed, yes. We had hoped to get a fun, Pumpkin inspired, Halloween themed photo.

When 1001011 asked me if he could use one of the pictures for his Halloween peer rope poster I was delighted, quickly burrowed into our shared folder, excited to scroll through our fun evening. As I flicked through in glee, the conversation came back to me. And I realised I’d done our explorations in Pumpkin bondage a disservice.

You see, a photo of me tied up as a Pumpkin was just the start point.

If we had only been interested in the photo, our Halloween inspired tie might have been a bit dull.

Sourcing the pumpkin hood could have felt like a bit of a chore. Shopping for the green outfit (which is surprisingly tricky on relatively short notice) may have been intolerable. And I doubt that we would have such ease remembering.

I can’t speak for 1001011, but for me the image we shared, of me as a flying pumpkin, provided an exciting challenge. One which he and I could work together to make happen. A fun game inspired by a rather ridiculous Halloween idea, rather than a single picture created for the season.

And as with all fun games, there was a lot of silliness enjoyed by us both.

We puzzled out how to adapt the Pumpkin mask to fit the latex bobble hood. (And where to find a pumpkin mask large enough to fit!) The rest of the outfit, as I’ve mentioned above, was tricky to source. A hunt which involved multiple fancy dress shops, Amazon and Ebay. Then there was the planning of the tie which, thankfully, 1001011 was most skilled at. Trialling a hip harness (Naka Pants, if you’re curious) that was safe and “comfortable” even with me throwing injury and outfit spanners into the works. And once I was up there, he did take lots of pictures.

BUT… there was a huge amount of laughter. I was so embarrassed, and felt quite ridiculous, especially when I could hear his distant chuckles through the hood. I felt less ridiculous as I clarted around as the tie progressed, tarting myself about in my bindings, swinging from the hip harness, free from the constraints of ‘normal’ life. You can see my feet are definitely in motion, as carefree as the rest of me.

Of course, after that, it was down to the serious business of torturing this masochist, with ballet boots and stress positions and simple yet effective cruel bindings. And when he took pity on me he sent me off into rope space and tormented me with Jelly babies. But that’s a story for another time!

I’d say that rather than just coming up with a weird and wonderful, creative work of art, we found a mutual starting point and continued. Complete with our usual blend of gentle friendship and ridiculous silliness!

With plans afoot elsewhere, I hope I never lose sight of that mindset.

That when I’m inspired – whether for Halloween, Christmas, or even the Scavenger Hunt – I retain that sense of fun.

Being joyful is, after all, a serious business!

ESPECIALLY when masquerading as a rubber loving, flying Pumpkin!

Because the fun is where the Mmmmmm is I’m sharing to my Halloween Inspired Fun to Mmm Mondays Meme. Click the button above to see what everyone else is up to this week. Then go and have a look through my meme archives and see if anything makes you go Mmmmmm!

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  1. Oh, I love this! I’ve been itching to so a pumpkin theme shoots for a while now and must say this level of creativity is very inspiring.
    I’m also glad you’ve held onto that sense of fun. It can be difficult in a world as harsh as this, but you make it look so easy 🙂

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