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When Oz asked me if he could use my image for the Elust 164 header image I was so excited to say yes! One of many awesome images from my shoot in the studio, and taken from a post that means a lot to me. But the header image is just the cherry on top of a sexy cake. And this month is no exception. So, as always, go and grab a cup of tea (or your beverage of choice) and join me for a read of the best writing from around the sex blogging community.

Welcome to Elust 164

Elust is the only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions, it’ll be here at Elust. Congratulations Sandra, winner of the Elust contest for July. I hope you enjoy your £50 GBP voucher for Selfridges. 🖤 Oz

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Engaging With A Mistress – Never Compromise Your Personality & Get Your Energies In Check OK, so this post is written with a view on F/m dynamics, however, don’t ignore it just because you don’t fit in that category. It is relevant whatever your relationship dynamic may be. (Yes, even friendships and business partnerships.)

5 Oddly Specific Penis Facts You Didn’t Know For those of you with a vested interest in cocks – whether you own one yourself or just love them – this is a fascinating post. Whether you own one yourself, or just love them!

Public Displays of Affection When do PDAs become problematic? William attempts to answer this question!

Books and Movies

TammyJo and Peter Discuss Bound (2015): The Celluloid Dungeon Check out what these tow erotic authors and historians think of Bound (2015)

Erotic Fiction

Fumbling Toward Ecstasy Exploring with a new partner is so exciting, and when you get to try entirely new things… That’s a special kind of delicious. But what does Alison have in store for Jeremy?

My Mistress Glorious insight into this submissive’s role with his Mistress.

Dedicated It starts with inspection… “Now for your taste test” hit particularly hard this morning!

Bedroom Eyes 27 Oooh… I love the view into the world of a male Dominant when he has to be brave, stepping out of his comfort zone. (For me, when my feelings could be looked at as jealousy they are in fact insecurities. Not a lack of trust in others, but lack of faith in my value.)

My Buddy Blew Me While We Watched The Game As a lover of Blow jobs what better erotica than to have two in one read?

Tasty Erotic Morsels More little snippets from Mirror Secret Mirror…

Product reviews

New Tenga Puffy Soft Reusable Masturbators Review Another excellent review from SafeLust. I can imagine getting my hands on this toy and amusing myself watching the reactions on a lover’s face as it pleasures them. (In my grip if I’m allowed – it does look Barefoot friendly.)

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Ten Things I Am Not – Kinky Edition Ten of the many things that I definitely am not, will never be and have no desire to even discuss, let alone explore… Or not, as the case may be.

Effective Punishment for Subs: A Comprehensive Guide for D/s Dynamics Punishment isn’t something that has really featured for me, to date. But I rather suspect that is about to change, somehow… Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post from Silken Claws, and recommend this reading to all. Particularly subs who aren’t experienced in corrections.

Sex Work

Cross Dressing Threesome with Ellie and Nikita A stunning transformation, strap-on spit-roast and more hard nipples than I would know what to do with!

The one about Financial Domination Curious about FinDomme? Mistress Audrey has a passion for choreographing safe, consensual dances to indulge your submissive desires.

Her: My first time with a woman Even sex workers get nervous! Her first time with a woman, solo, was quite nerve wracking.

Krásná kurvička. A Trio of Duos What a busy day for Oz!

Strap-On Workout Never doubt the strenuous nature of strap-on fucking. Lady In Latex has a firm grasp on just how hard this game can be.

What is the Most Popular Sex Worker Name? I have a religious relative that changed her name from Chloe because it was too common. I was surprised as only knew one other Chloe, but clearly she had done different research than me. Makes sense now.

Erotic Non Fiction

Pleasured Perfect post to end the digest on. Jade has a way of talking about her wants, needs and submission in a way that resonates with my own vibrations. Now, I’ve got matters to take care of… 😉

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